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Hello everybody!

Almost 8 years have passed since autumn 2014 when we last moved domains (back then from hellgateaus.net). Guess what? Yup, it's time for another migration. hellgateaus.info is about to become hellgateaus.cyou.

So why another change?

While I quite liked the neutral/universal .info domain (TLD), unfortunately its renewal price kept going up. I'm paying all domain and hosting costs out of my own pocket, so I have to be cost-aware. The former registrar regularly advertises discounts on creation and transfers, but sadly I never noticed any meaningful offers on (possibly multi-year) renewals. So when at the end of 2021 they notified me about another upcoming price increase, I decided that I won't renew hellgateaus.info any more.

The new home and future 'primary' domain hellgateaus.cyou is already (mostly) operational, and has been registered/secured for at least 6 years (up to July 7th 2028). All hosted services (like forum, wiki, etc.) won't change, they'll just have to be requested under the new host/domain name. The web server should soon™ start redirecting you there automatically; so if you get sent to hellgateaus.cyou or notice it in your browser's address bar, do not be alarmed - it all works as intended. 8) Your credentials (= user name and password) stay the same, too.

You might want to update your bookmarks accordingly. If you proactively manage cookies or active content (e.g. JavaScript), please adjust your settings to allow hellgateaus.cyou.

For the time being, the site can still be reached via hellgateaus.info - but that domain is set to expire on Aug 19th 2022.

See you all at hellgateaus.cyou! :)
Regards, NiteHawk
Written by NiteHawk, July 8, 2022.
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