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So,I believe it's time we started hosting some events again.Some budget/item pool is already in place and some events are being planned by people affluent/generous enough to do so.Can't guarantee what will be realized and what won't,but the plans are there.
In the meantime,I believe we should assure there's enough interest in such a thing to even proceed with it.So there's a question for the community.

That aside,some feedback on the nature of the events would be welcome and most useful as well.Some ideas that might make it on the table include:

-A funny screencap competition (brings back memories,no?).
-A PvP event,with some level restriction in place or with a prohibition of certain skills.
-An item hunt of the "get X augment/enchant level on Z item/item type" sort
and so on.

Feedback on the ones mentioned,possible ideas on others and of course stating your interest are all welcome.

Update: First event will be up in a couple of days at most.Last call for any contributors to provide what they can to the rewards pool,then we can begin  8)

Of course I will be contributing my part as well,I have already amassed some items of value and I'm currently working on saving some pall.I won't be able to provide as much as others,surely,but I will definitely support this to the best of my ability.

For now what is needed is that interest be shown towards such events,hence the thread.If a foundation is there,I'm sure others will contribute as well or provide ideas on what they wish to see.

mhm, some events would be nice for many reasons :)

About the ideas mentioned above,

--- Quote from: Bryan on Sep 24, 2012; 10:44 am ----A funny screencap competition (brings back memories,no?)
-A PvP event,with some level restriction in place or with a prohibition of certain skills
-An item hunt of the "get X augment/enchant level on Z item/item type" sort
and so on.
--- End quote ---
in my opinion they are equal for everyone. So i hope they will motivate quite enough players to participate.
Taking under consideration the unbalanced pvp and the fact that there are not enough "pvpers" i have my doubts for a pvp event, though. But, who knows, hosting a pvp event might motivate the communty to join.

And how about a hide and seek event? That would be fun too  ;D
Instead of giving the name of the one that hides so the players might take advantage of it and find their location by adding them in a buddy list, i propose the hosters to give just some infos to guide the players. Something like, a gundian with full set, a summy with a speciffic pet or even a naked evo (a female would motivate more peeps, at least it would for me and no, Bryan, don't make any comment on that about your body  :P)

Or what do you think about a "full party( or duo) kill the boss time competition" event? Most players, if not all, are on boss farming since they reached a convenient level so they will have only to earn from an event like that.

Regarding the contribution, i can gladly share a part of my pall to help the community. Maybe Santa brought me at last that things i wished for, so i'll check my toons if i can find something that i don't need but still valuable enough to be a part of the reward list.

I hope these thoughts and ideas can come in handy  :D

Well motivation doesn't seem to be flooding in right now,but yeah agreed :)

The possible PvP events will need to be thought over due to the reasons you mention,if interest is shown towards that idea we could still go with it.

Hide and seek would be fun as well,in the manner you proposed.I hadn't thought of it due to the ability to warp on someone,but giving clues instead of names may really work.

Not sure about the boss hunt times event.After all,those with the best times are those who need rewards the least :P I'd much rather give stuff out to some upstart or mid-game player who was lucky with something,who should need it more.

Thanks for that feedback,was of great use :)

I'd love to see some events taking place ingame and why not in the forums too. I think it'll be refreshing and I hope that will make new players show more interest in the game.
I like the "Hide and Seek" idea and the funny screencap competition and I'm also not sure about the pvp event because I don't have any hopes to win. Jk, it's because usually the most uber players and classess such as evos and strikers ( omg strikes ). I think something simple and nice would be an event with question quizzes.
About the rewards, I'll my best to find some palla and things that could be used ( such as attr retrainers, bks etc etc. ).


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