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Major Website Reconstruction
« on: Jul 23, 2011; 10:53 pm »
Hi Guys! If you are a regular visitor, you would have noticed some big changes happening around here.. and there are plenty more to come! Obviously the changes have been inspired by the global release of Hellgate which we are all undoubtedly pleased about. 8) Personally, I will be spending what time I have to offer the community by developing the website and new Hellgate web apps. You will be please to know however there are still others continuing to expand the SP modification! You will see more regular news and development updates from now on.

While we are still under development, please bare with the minimalist front page. You'll see it exponentially change over time, possibly into the best form the website has ever been. While I do what I can do, you can help too! The Revival Wiki has been reinstated - and is open your for contribution. You will find it contents a lot of unique information you will not find anywhere else and impeccably accurate. The wiki is synced to your forum account, so simply login and start editing! I am trying to think of ways of rewarding those who make notable contributions - starting with a hall of fame, so get ahead now!  ;)

The most remarkable development of late has been the Character Planner. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, mostly due to major changes in the development approach after weeks of work. There is still a lot of polish to be applied, but I am pleased with how it's turning out and is functional enough to provide you with a suitable character planning platform.

Stay tuned guys - and catch you in game for some Dessi and Moloch runs eh? I wants a Cratepecker!!!  ;D
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