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I was wondering if anyone cared to continue hosting I'm need to take down my virtual host within the next month. I can perform the migration if you provide me a ssh apache,php,sql shell. Alternatively, I can ftp you the database and php sources. If anyone is interested, the best way to contact me would be directly by email.

Update 1/9/14: Thank you all volunteers. A new home has been found for hellgateaus and is currently being migrated. More news as it become available. :)

I would volunteer to continue hosting; but, have absolutely NO experience doing so. However... I have used HTTrack Website Copier to download your website and; once done, will zip it up. I can offer to post on for others who are interested in the information contained therein. Sorry to hear you have to shutdown and hope everything goes good for you! Good luck in all your future endeavors.

This has got to be the saddest thread I have ever seen on this forum since thumper died. Lord knows I know the dying gasp of a game when i finally hear it.

Been lurking around hgaus like penny... its a link i click on because i have for so many years. Logged on to HGG and saw one person, no one in Parliament. The world of hellgate felt appropriately empty at that point. We have lost the war when its hard to find a party to kill the boss.

In a stunning development, there is still nothing like hgl! Devs these days still seem to avoid 3rd person loot driven dungeon crawlers with free aim. Hanbit made some great improvements to some tilesets (if they created them at all), but nothing to compare to the lost potential of Test Center 2.0. Few ever got to play it, but those that did got awesome drops, gazed at eachothers darkforms in station and fired glyphshards that worked. It was magical.

I wanna say that i look back fondly on the original days and friends i don't know anymore, but I got that same feeling playing HGG with Rawmeat and thumper... just killing shit, no pressure.  I want to add that playing in party with maeyan and pennywise on day one was really an honor for obvious reasons.

Forum wise, thegreatcthulhu has been instrumental in providing hope due to his vigilant watch on hgl news during the dark Korean times. I hung on your every word..

Bryan, its redundant to say, has really been the soul of this place for the last two years and I want to thank him for answering all the questions. He is a newbies best friend around here and as far as i am concerned, if someone were to take over hosting, it ought to be him.

Malachor doesn't talk much until it gets confusing. Thanks for all the hard work you and your quieter teammates did... the sp mod option may eventually be the only way to show someone what this game was.

Without all Revival's hard work Nagahaku couldn't have made that kinds of seemingly impossible changes that have made his mod the most innovative that may come of the revival project. Big thanks to Naga for his efforts.

Most of all, there was one guy with a dream that he could turn an "unmoddable" SP client into hope for those who lived on the FSS Hellgate servers to the end. Thanks maeyan for smoothing performance and adding weapons and fx and balance to hellgate SP. Now that he is giving up the site, it's the end of an era for all of us. Good luck Sam with what all you decide to do.

In some ways hellgate gave so little, people complained about it like they do D3 now. The forums were pure hot lava. I was excited at HG's release, I even defended it, but I never thought that in 2014 I would still even give a shit. I don't play it anymore, but I always swear that I will. That is the mark of a good game.

I hope you guys will still try to crack this nut "Stonehenge-wise" but I sure feel like I got my moneys worth. And now for some bum tugging.

decends into bunker...

I have been lurking in here for years and I don't think I have ever posted anything of consequence.  I originally signed up because I was wanting to export the models to do some Hellgate art, but never figured it out.  I stuck around and lurked.  Looking back, I wish I would have said hi or bantered back and fourth...we have some cool folk around here.  I just wanted I guess my first and probably last words here to be thanking all you guys for making this game so much more than it ever was.  Zart, that was the most heartfelt and awesome posts I think I've read here; it couldn't have been said better by anyone me thinks. 

There may even be people out there that could host, but they have no idea what it would take.  I certainly have no idea.  What would it entail?  I'd hate to think we might become a group at or an antiquated iRC channel out there...should we just go gentile into that goodnight?  Sad times here on the board indeed...

I share your feelings. This place has been a home and an inspiration to many of us for a long time, and I'd really hate it seen gone.

I _might_ be able to contribute to hosting hellgateaus, but that'll have to be worked out in more detail with Maeyan (including all the requirements, and of course his approval). I've contacted him by mail, but haven't heard back from him yet.

Regards, NiteHawk


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