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Hi peeps!

The website will migrated roughly on 1/10/14 ... the specific time [and zone] as yet to be determined but it will be happening in the next week. Much gratitude to NiteHawk who will now providing hosting services for the hellgateaus website. From this date you will notice the will redirect to a new domain - long story short, its just more affordable.

So just a heads up, during the migration you may find the forum is read only mode for a while until the DNS change propagates and redirects you to the new domain. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this period. :)


--- Quote from: maeyan on Sep 26, 2014; 12:32 am --- 1/10/14
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Read that number all wrong. Didn't think the forum would make its move to the 14th. that is what I get for writing all my days in sorting order. YYMMDD_HHMMZzzz

Everything looks alright so far. Though the forum did make me log in again. Even though it kept showing me as logged in when I first entered the site.

That's probably related to cookies. The primary domain for the site has changed (it's now, even though it can still be reached via When moving across domains, the forum will probably want to re-authenticate you.

Regards, NiteHawk


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