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Crtting Warper/Zombie minions?

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Both the Warper and the zombie minions have been claimed to be able to crit.Apart from confirming the fact itself,how much do we know about it?

* In which manner do +base crit mods on each weapon affect their crit chance?Is it subject to the 0.6 factor as with Evokers?

* Do ccm mods affect them,in effect critcapping them against a caste?

* In the same manner,does caste cdb work?

* What determines their actual cdb?

* If their cdb is affected by enchants on one's foci,what's the formula at work there?

* Is +x% ele dmg useful in that scenario?
RedHerd's research ( ,at "Tips and Tricks") offers no mentions of either minion critting,and at best it determined that +ele mods have very minimal effect on the zombies' damage.
I'd say the matter is intriguing,at the very least.If there's indeed some breakthrough to be made to the class now,this seems like a factor good enough to bring up some updates.

In order to avoid the 100th reskill,I had to run some tests with a cast weapon and a necro ccm/cdb Glyph in SH.So far:

-Regarding the Warper,only the splash/AoE damage of each regular strike seems to have a chance to crit.Perhaps it will land crits on large bosses in that manner,but it looks less useful than it sounded at first.

-In both cases,caste ccm doesn't seem to affect their crit chance.Crits would land at an equal chance against necros (in this case) and every other caste.Base crit mods do seem to have some effect.

-In the same manner,generic and caste cdb do not seem to properly affect the minions' damage.Even with a relatively low ~+200% minion damage,a total of 1k cdb and added caste cdb should add much more than the resulting damage.

I will need to run more extensive tests,but that will require 2 more reskills or leveling another summoner from scratch.
Any info on the matter would be most appreciated,and I do suspect it may refute my results somewhat.

hey bryan, quick question on this topic, are you summoning warper from the cast set then switching back? i noticed today when i summoned mine on accident with my valleys equipped, not my cast set, the warper seemed to pick up the ccmd from my mods and seemed to crit the demons more than other caste in cata for the duration (most notably on spectral strike). definitely needs more testing but would be interesting to know how you were summoning yours for this test.

I vaguely recall using a necro ccm Glyph and a necro ccm Dreary Hand.No set switching whatsoever,to avoid messing up the results.
I will be returning home for around a week this month,holidays and whatnot.I'll try and dig up the weapons and any recorded data,in case it can be of help with your research.

For what it's worth,I had abandoned the Warper entirely after extensive tweaking to make it worth losing the WD over it.Then again,that was for a toxic tree build,while it's possible that yours might be better supported by a Warper.I just ended up considering it a very underwhelming demon,all things considered.

sounds good mate and glad to hear you're getting some R&R nothing like being home for the holidays.  :) the warper build i'm running invloves group boss runs so im just trying to increase overall dps since the WD is not doing much in these particular instances. the basis for the build is full spectral ele + full warper with spellstorm/strike using 200+ foci with 4spec/pois mod and 4spec/ccm mods and reaper for some extra dps. hoping to reach the phase threshold on hell mode and get that 30% extra dmg out of swarm/spirit with this as long as ele drain is active on boss but im going to have to get some time with just a guardian once its fully complete to try to record some hard data. anyway best of luck on testing and enjoy your time off ;)


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