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Question on blademaster skilltree

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Hi Everyone,
first of all thanks for having brought this project so far.
I'm still enjoying this game thanks to you!
Now... I've got a question that may sound very dumb...
I'm playing with a blademaster right now but my skill tree doesn't have some talents present into the skill planner I found in the forum and some talents that are named in various discussion.
For example, the skill tree isn't divided into 3 sections and also parry isn't present.
I'm playing in the Italian version of the game  and I've applied all the patches asked to implement the Revival 1.5b2 SP Modification.
Have I missed something? have I drank too much? Did  watch too much pr0n on the internet and I lost all my sight?
please help!

Without checking myself, the first thing that springs to mind is that the skill tree listing might be for vanilla HG - and the mods added change the skill tree, add things, move things over, etc.

Hi Morphy,
thanks for your answer.
I've just installed the Revival 1.5b2 SP Modification, my skill tree is like this:

Maybe I missed some mod, I checked on the forum but I couldn't find anything.
Is not a big issue, I just want to be sure that I've done everything in the correct way


--- Quote from: inutility on Aug 23, 2016; 09:58 am ---For example, the skill tree isn't divided into 3 sections and also parry isn't present.

--- End quote ---
skill tree was split into 3 tabs in Hellgate Tokyo - online only game. i believe some mod was also splitting skill tree into several tabs. also, i believe Hellgate Tokyo had the biggest amount of new skills, although Nagahaku mod might be close to having as much.

Oh Thanks!
this could be an explanation. I thought that also SP mod included that change in skill tree because also the wiki page mentioned some skill that isn't present in "my tree"
I'll try other mods also since they seem to be very fun to play!
thanks for your answer Violet-n-Red!


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