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Author Topic: Tanking Natan/Glutton  (Read 5410 times)


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Tanking Natan/Glutton
« on: Jan 02, 2014; 09:15 PM »
         Many of us have seen or played Guardians that can tank pretty well in Natan/Glutton parties and others that can't do so well. Of course i'm referring to the new comers or the gamers who didn't have a chance to learn about the tactics of these two bosses.
         So, here is a guide of mine to give some advices for tanking Kaibutsnatan and Glutton Kurodon.

I would be pleased to see any comment, suggestion, feedback below, positive or negative.

A Guardian for Natan

Tanking Natan is not a difficult thing but here are some advises/suggestions to make the tanking easier and safer for all the members of the party.

Skill Planner
To avoid any mix-up I will divide this thread to two sections: A Guardian committed to tank Natan and The Guardian “one for all”

• A Guardian committed to tank Natan
First, we need a skill-build guide here. The one Bryan made in his thread: Mini-guide for the meatshield Guardian (http://www.hellgateaus.info/forum/class-discussion/mini-guide-to-the-meatshield-guardian/) is exact what a guardian for Natan needs. To sum it up and state what are the mostly used skills for a Natan guardian:

Aura of Deflection 4/4
Aura of Power 1/4 (optional)
Challenge 7/7
Denounce 10/10
Prayer of Healing 5/10 (minimum)
Stampede 1/10 (optional)

Further explanation of the skills:
  • Aura of Deflection provides a 54% chance to destroy incoming projectiles. This skill works not only for the guardians themselves but for every player inside the guardian’s radius area as well. And that’s the point for using it while tanking Natan.
  • Challenge is used to taunt the adds that spawned from the mini-guards at the corners of Natan’s room. A guardian is advised to spam the Challenge here.
  • Denounce is used on Natan. It taunts the boss and blocks it from casting a “spell”.
  • Prayer of Healing is quite useful to prevent a player’s death. Due to the AoE attack of the adds a player standing close to guardian might receive damage. A player standing offside of the guardian’s radius area might as well receive damage from the mini-guards. Another aspect is that Deflection won’t destroy the incoming Natan’s projectile and so the player/ers will receive that damage. So having a few skill points on Prayer of Healing will help in these situations.
  • Aura of Power is optional for Natan. A guardian might need a few skill points on it if mana/power regeneration is not sufficient. For example, a guardian might need to cast the Prayer of Healing quite a few times (or even spam it) and this skill costs a lot of mana.
  • Stampede is optional here too. Stampede is used for escaping from mobs that have surrounded the guardian, such as the annoying moths, in narrow areas like in Beast Hall while the guardian runs to Natan’s room. To get at least one point of Stampede the person will have to use 9 skill points to the shield skill tree, so, to avoid these wasted skill points, one can simply get Stampede from a weapon or a piece of gear, e.g. the Angelic Cuisse.

•   The Guardian “one for all”
In this situation if the guardian doesn’t have Aura of Deflection and doesn’t, or can’t, spend skill points on it, they can simply get it from a weapon/shield. The more points it gives the better. As for the other “mostly used” skills for Natan, they are the “must” in the build for a tank guardian.

Guardian’s Positioning
   On the diagram below you can see which position is the best for a guardian to tank Natan and help/support the rest of the party members. Also, here is recommended the positions of the other party member’s as well. As for the Summoner, they can be as close to the guardian, so their minions won’t mess the adds around.

Advises and notes for better tanking
   For Natan, the guardian should spam Challenge and keep Natan always on Denounce. By doing these, there are really few chances to bring havoc on the party. Though, keep in mind that Denounce has a chance to succeed so spamming it as well will do the work.
   Make sure the party members are inside the guardian’s radius area during the killing time. In this way the guardian will be able to taunt any mobs attacking the other players and heal them if need.

Tanking Glutton Kurodon

Here are some advises for tanking Glutton. What I’m stating below is mostly derived from personal experience on this matter.

Skill Planer
   Any tank-build guardian can tank Glutton with no problem. No specific skills are required for Glutton except Challenge and Denounce.

Challenge: is used to taunt the mobs in Glutton’s room.
Denounce: is used on Glutton.

Advises and notes
   Glutton has the ability to summon mobs. Two mobs of them are the Dragoons. Dragoon’s ability is to heal Glutton. This Glutton’s summoning has a cast time which gives you the chance to interrupt him. But this is tricky. The cast time is really small, 2-3 seconds as I recall. The interrupt can be achieved only within the two first seconds or to be exact, around the 2nd second. What do I mean and how can it be done? The Glutton’s summoning animation is this: Glutton kind of takes a moment of pause, then he raises his hand above his head and he holds it there for about a whole second. That is the proper moment to Denounce him. Then he lowers his hand and a second later the mobs are summoned.
[An unconfirmed statement is that Challenge might as well interrupt Glutton’s summoning. For better results use Denounce and Challenge together when that moment comes]
   As for the Challenge, when the party enters/pp to Glutton’s room sometimes the summoned mobs are already there and guardian’s job is to taunt them and gather them so the rest party can kill them easy, without running around chasing them.
   What if Denounce fail? This happens a lot because, as I stated above, interrupting his summon is difficult. So, when the summons are up the goal of the party is to kill the Dragoons as fast as possible to prevent them from healing Glutton. Now, depending on the DpS of the party (including good strikes vs. Demons), guardian has two choices. If the party’s DpS is high enough, guardian can simply Challenge and gather them around him (close to Glutton), so the rest members can kill them, a simple strike would be enough. Plus Challenge has also the ability to block the mobs from attacking/casting (e.g. the Dragoons won’t heal Glutton) for a couple of seconds which would be enough for a strike to achieve a high damage or even kill them. If the party’s DpS is not that high enough the guardian can Challenge the mobs (or Denounce only the Dragoons if possible) and run away from Glutton, giving the party the opportunity to kill Glutton or kill the mobs avoiding any heal to Glutton.
   As for the pillar that allows you to attack to Glutton. Another Glutton’s ability is to become invulnerable to any damage and the only way to undo this, is by reacting with a pillar (marked with yellow color on the mini map). This can be done only by the person who pays the Dark Stones at the start of the instance map, aka the runner. The runner could be anyone as long as they can run to Glutton’s room without dying. Which means that guardian doesn’t have to be the runner for this boss, giving guardian the ability not to lose “control” of the situation (e.g. taunt Glutton if he’s after another member, heal the party). Still, this is a minor thing a guardian can have in their mind.

Thanks to:
The Hellgate community, for helping me to find out the proper position for the guardian to stand in Natan’s room.
Bryan, for his useful threads, comments and support to make this topic.
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Re: Tanking Natan/Glutton
« Reply #1 on: Jan 02, 2014; 09:32 PM »
Great job there Necro :) I'll add a link to this in my own mini-guide,and in the guide list.

It's great to see so many helpful threads recently,ever more proof that the community stays strong.
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Re: Tanking Natan/Glutton
« Reply #2 on: Jul 21, 2014; 05:54 PM »
Great build tutorial, thanks!