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All right - this months competition is called Jackpot!

Event: Jackpot!
Details: Find a Black Knight Elixer dye kit and win the jackpot. You must screenshot your console chat and post it in the thread here to claim. Your must press print screen for the screenshot so the date shows on the picture.
No. Winners: There are 5 prize packs to be won.
Close: 30th September, 2011.
How to Enter: Simply reply and attach your entry to this thread.

The competition is open to everyone.


* Bubba_Fett
* Butsutekkai
* NeoMara
* Selektah
* FxMirc
And this months prize is:

to every winner
The competition has finished.

My entry... thanks :)

Congradulations  ;D That happened a lot quicker than I expected!! This is just like Charlie and the golden tickets....

PS your entry is valid even though the date isn't shown because its been vouched for. Silly /screenshot doesn't add the timestamp like print screen does

While a friend managed to get 5 set pants in less than 3 hours even if it was his very first mollies, i finally get my BKE !!

Uploaded with

EDIT : here s a better view :

Uploaded with

Another reminder to press the Print Screen button to get a timestamp (and paste in Paint since it probably won't save to a file automatically).


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