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Welcome to our first of many events to come - hosted by yours truely, Revival @

Event: The Funny Screencap Competition
Details: Take a screenshot from Hellgate Global, crop it and put a funny caption beneath it. Use your imagination! The funnier and creative - the higher you will rank when it comes to judgement.
Judges: Maeyan, Lexsoor, PeeterMcG, Thumper
Close: 31st August, 2011. Winners will be delcared within the following week.
How to Enter: Simply reply and attach your entry to this thread.
Rules: Keep it clean. You can enter several pieces if you wish.

Updated Prize Pool - thanks to T3Fun:

* First place: 1x Skill Initialization, 1x Expertise Skill Initialization
* Second place: 1x Expertise Skill Initialization, 1x Ability Initialization
* Third place: 1x Ability Initialization, 1x Auto Dismantler (2000pcs)
* Honorable mentions: 1x Power EXP Pack 1Old Prize Pool:

Please see below for an example of what we are looking for:

Thanks to Bryan who took the original screen cap - which I borrowed as an example without permission... thanks friend.

Are you still reading? Hop to it!

Honored to have that screenie posted as a point of reference,and I'm definitely taking part in this :)

Edit: Here's my entry too ^^

Just a test  :)


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If I had to take a guess,I'd say...hell.  ;)


--- Quote from: maeyan on Aug 09, 2011; 03:21 pm ---Welcome to our first of many events to come - hosted by yours truely, Revival @

Rules: Keep it clean.

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In the words of Cozmo Kramer: I'm out!


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