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The Funny Screencap event



Each participant is limited to a maximum of 5 submissions.

Kind reminder,the text must remain somewhat appropriate.
Profane and/or offensive submissions will be disqualified and removed.

There will initially be a submitting-only period,after which the winners will be decided by the community.Fret not,there will be time to send your entries til 1/1/2013 at the very least,so take your time and amaze!

The rewards are as follows:
1st- 3 mil palladium, +1 skill point
2nd- 3 mil palladium, 500 nanoshards
3rd- 2 mil palladium, 1 Strengthen Dark Monarch ring
4th- 2 mil palladium, 1 50% exp pack
5th- 1 mil palladium, 1 50% exp pack

Our kind thanks to the contributors to this event,namely:
and well,myself.

Here's an example of what we're looking for:

So another event has begun! Hooray!!!
Here are my few entries for the funny screncap.
Enjoy ^_^

Hah nice!
I got one where we're together,and a way-too-insider one  8)

This is great! Hope to see more submissions.  :D

See you in game!

Doesn't seem like there's any enthusiasm left for this event sadly.Might as well share what screenies are left for the fun of it,and call it off.

The event has concluded,many thanks to the participants.
Rewards will be handed out in the order of participation.


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