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Hellgate Global Closing Announcement

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--- Quote from: michel741 on Oct 21, 2015; 08:47 am ---But what about Steam release?

--- End quote ---

steam was never coming, devs abandon the game a long time ago. my advice play hellgate london, its better anyway.

It makes no is clear that hgg server is a pc with perhaps 4TB HD, which 1 person restarts and cleans the cache mem once per week. So maintenance cost is...what? Electricity bill? Paying the person who writes those "server maintenance anouncements"?

So Djessy...who were you lying to when you said "they" ask for 350k USD for the server? Now its closing. If i were to close the server for whatever reasons I'd sure want to sell it for 500 USD ;)

New and most likely last Version of mmBBQ:

It has a fix for the Premium Shop in case you want to spent your last TCoins.

[EDIT] by NiteHawk
As for previous versions of this particular mod, caveat: The linked mmBBQ version contains user-contributed code ("SPAMMERS" in config_hell.lua and a modified hell_chat.lua) to censor specific Hellgate user accounts by default. Not amused - if you feel something like this is really desirable, please at least make sure to disable/comment out those entries in "release" versions, so users have to actively select/enable it.

Well if was fun while it lasted the end all things come to an end.Just wanna say thx 4 a great time and nice meeting all the ppl in hgg.I wish u guys all the best and enjoy whats left of the hgg days ;)...almost 4 sure it will ever come back again.
Life goes on-Enjoy it! C ya

There's a good way to start the day...Fuck.

Not quite able to figure out a bright side just yet,if there is one.Say,"now they might sell the IP and blah blah"...I really wanna be that guy right now but I can't.


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