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It is with great sadness that we would like to inform everyone that the Hellgate Global Server will be ceasing its operations.
Servers will be up until december 31, 2015.
In-game Cashshop will be disabled starting October 7,2015 and will not be accessible anymore ;
Further information regarding TCOIN related inquiries will be announced at a later date.
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the understanding and support that everyone gave us from the start up to now.

Hellgate Team

I thought as much. See you all for Stonehenge MkII 8)

Just remembered PlayNC (or is it NCsoft never can remember).  Was thinking how bad it is of T3fun to have put this game out there and barely even bothered to support it. Remembering PlayNC put it into perspective for me though. T3fun kept the game up and running for the longest time. Even after most people had moved on to something else.

PlayNC had a tendency to kill and then drop a game before its popularity was even gone. If they didn't like the amount of profits it provided they would get rid of it. Makes sense from their perspective. Though it really sucked for the player bases. That and there abysmal password system is what ultimately drove me away from trying out PlayNC's games.

Was just looking through my bookmarks for both companies pages. Just to see how they were doing. Turns out I deleted my Online games folder. Strange that. Wonder what I was thinking at the time.
It was nice of T3fun to keep the game up and running as long as they did.


knew it was coming. oh well glad i have hellgate london to always play which i will be doing alot more starting now :)

But what about Steam release?


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