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Edit: I see that locations are noted in the Wiki body for set items (haven't had cause to look there up until a few days ago)... so my mistake. I still think the discussion page would be appropriate for all of the uniques though due to the volume... although, in retrospect, a lot of the uniques are crap so... m'eh.

Well I got mine at normal mode,though I'd bet it has a much better chance of dropping in hell  :)

I never realized the difference between "adds" and "increases" ...increases seems almost useless.  If you have a 100 damage sword that has an "Adds 10% electricity damage" relic then you'd have 10 electricity damage - the "increases electricity damage 10%" mod would give you 11 electricity damage.

The only way that modifier is useful is if it's the main damage mode of your weapon or if it works for skills... like an "increases fire damage" mod for hellfire or napalm strike

Cannon Street Rail on hell difficulty is one of the best farming places in the game. Not only do some of the best uniques like Balbi's Ring and Sue's Steadiers drop there but also the highly sought after XM43 bolters and mods fitting them (good +splash% bolters are worth 1M+ and even blue +spash% fuels sell for 300k to 400k pala).

Just reset the instance for so long that you get fellbores (even if you're doing it solo it's worth running there for few times just to get them - the amount of hell occupants is so much higher). Also if you're evoker I don't suggest you run with Arc Legion the whole time; it often kills fellbores before all them have had time to spawn and you miss a lot of kills (this is especially true with fellbore strikers who summon lots of help if you give them a little time - I just walk to them, wait till I see more fellbores spawning and cast Hellfire).

And Hu's seem to drop from pretty much any high level area; I've seen them drop from Stonehenge, Catacombs and Abyss (probably from Tokyo too but not sure). They're pretty common drop for a unique weapon.

I don't mind people leaving notes in the discussion pages stating where items drop. Putting them directly on the page would end up getting messy with people not knowing how page layouts work.

What I want to do in the near future is start compiling loot tables so I can just point each boss, unique, named, etc to a set of tables for reference. Right now I've been ignoring "generic" tables, like many bosses sharing the same default table that doesn't have any specific drops (like named sub-bosses in Tokyo), and noting specific drops for bosses with special tables as I come across them.
A lot of items don't drop from specific bosses or other monsters, so it's a matter of looking in areas of about the right level. I'm not sure how that part works.


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