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I hope the subject is not too disturbing. If so let me know and I will seek other grounds to spread the seeds of my work.

I have been using mmbbq 3.0.2 for a while now and have developed several scripts for it to make playing more fun for me. Because development on mmbbq seems to have stopped and nothing is happening with HG:G itself did I pick it up and continued on mmbbq to make it more useful and the game more interesting. You can download this modified version here: (see for a newer version above)

It contains a manual in PDF format, but I will briefly describe what is included:

1. AutoLooter

It is an automatic looting tool based on the original ItemArray, which itself was based on PickIt, and offers some more features. The main reason to rewrite ItemArray was to get rid of the stutter it creates and to fix some of the bugs. It also pauses when one opens the inventory and will not interfere with any items held under the mouse. It offers a default mode for dismantling up to rare items, a fast mode for dismantling legendaries, bypass rules for +Luck and +AA gear, and special modes for TCR and CSR farming.

2. AutoTCR

This is a script for farming on Tottenham Court Road. It has a feature to find small maps suitable for farming, can control a runner (aka hopper), a striker and it will collect loot as it drops. It has a command to trade hundreds of coins at Murmur into gifts. The striker is capable to aim his strikes, making maximum use of the area. Because it collects the loot as it drops is the map always clean and nothing will get lost on disconnects, server crashes or shut downs. The clients will only degenerate slowly, making it client and server friendly.

3. AutoSHXP

It is a script for automatic levelling characters in Stonehenge. It currently supports strikers and guardians (to jump into the centre), can be used in a party, can automatically inject exp boosters, optimizes itself but can also be tweaked to make it work for most cases.

4. AutoNPC

This a script for cheating NPCs for their rewards. One can identify quest rewards before accepting them (press F12 while the mouse hovers over the reward) and trigger the mail tool bug. It further allows to filter the quest rewards in extensive searches and it can do this for hours until a nice item shows up (i.e. cannonades with a high splash radius or Explosive Grenade 3 with ccm). It works with Conrad and Preston, as well as TechSmith66 and Neko (in Tokyo) and can search for cannonades, pistols, bolters, shields, and all 6 mod types.

5. Speedhack and others

It includes the map hack, radar hack and no censor hack of the original mmbbq 3.0.2 as well as the speed hack and makes the speed hack available as a command so one can change the speed in the game.

6. Occi jump cheat

One can jump from catacombs level 15 straight into the hellrift of Oculus with a simple command and thereby avoid running through level 15 in search of the rift.

7. KillMark

This is a script for sampling the life of Shulgoth in order to save the data to a file where it can be processed for further analysis. The main purpose is to have a tool for gathering statistical data and a means to make sound decisions when choosing weapons and mods. See also the sample data in the docs directory.

All scripts are controlled with in game commands.

Some of it is still work in progress (and comments in the scripts mark it as WiP). The scripts contain plenty of comments and anyone with a bit of programming experience should be able to pick it up and to make it theirs.

Good Luck and Have Fun,

Hi SchummelBaron (and Welcome to the forum)! :)

Actually mmBBQ isn't quite dead. While it's true that the project hasn't released anything for a good 1.5 years, the development hasn't stopped completely. I have gotten my hands dirty with coding on the mmBBQ core personally, and there are two other people involved with that - sadly they're rather short of time and/or busy with other things... mmBBQ is also suffering a bit from the lack of useful "targets" (applications to hack); Mythos and Hellgate have been dwindling away, and no new targets have been added except [poex] (Path of Exile) - however, that isn't really ready to be included yet.

Nevertheless it's about time we'd do another 'maintenance' release. The current CHANGELOG has

--- Quote ---   BNO: refactoring, some performance improvements, updated documentation
   BNO: improved injector: UAC aware, can now specify target from command line
   BNO: builtin scripts are now gzip-compressed, and decompress 'on-the-fly' when used
   BNO: made Lua memory allocator and deadlock timeout configurable
   BNO: updated to LuaJIT 2.0.3
   BNO: some bugfixes, code cleanup, improved mmbbq core stability
   BNO: updated to LuaJIT 2.0.2
   RLA: [poex] movement stuff
   BNO: [odbg] added target label importer: autoaddr.lua
   BNO: added codecave mode INTERCEPT_PATCH
   RLA: [poex] MH and ZH
   RLA: [poex] target added
   BNO: implemented static heapmanager
   BNO: updated to LuaJIT 2.0.1
   MSC: odbg target improvements. An mmBBQ OllyDbg plugin.
   MSC: finished work on lcpp. A Lua C-PreProcessor
   BNO: added lua autocompletion and history

--- End quote ---
which was all introduced after 3.0.2 - so I'd say me might well aim for a "3.1.0_RC1". This might be a good opportunity to actually test the new features with a broader audience - I'll have to check with the folks at if we can update the website, or I might be able to attach the release candidate here...

Anyway, it's nice to see that there's still interest in mmBBQ - so Thanks for sharing / contributing! 8) I'll make sure to have a closer look at your extensions over the next days.

--- Quote ---I hope the subject is not too disturbing.
--- End quote ---
That's the other, more general aspect of this whole thing: To what degree will we tolerate or even endorse "cheating" on this game - with due consideration to the state it currently is in?

The mmBBQ project itself has always been a bit 'conservative' about this. While it's very possible to completely twist and overturn a binary program with our toolkit (with solid reversing knowledge, and within the limits / constraints of the game logic itself), we've traditionally been wary of giving players extreme / 'unfair' advantage.

I know there have been related topics and similar discussions on the German Hellgate forums over at Basically it boiled down to: with the current state of affairs (and lack of interest from T3NoFun), let's make the most of it while Hellgate:Global still lasts...

Greetz, NiteHawk


--- Quote from: NiteHawk on Oct 16, 2014; 10:56 am ---That's the other, more general aspect of this whole thing: To what degree will we tolerate or even endorse "cheating" on this game - with due consideration to the state it currently is in?
--- End quote ---
Thanks for your response. I will be looking forward to a newer version of the DLL. When you give my version a try know that I have rewritten several of the core files in hell/ and hell_common/ because these were buggy and in need of a better API and functionality.

I do not want to say too much on the subject of cheating. One can change the rules of a game, but one cannot cheat a game. It is people who are getting cheated on when they have to play a game under different rules than the cheaters. It may be common to say that one is cheating a game, but it is semantically wrong. Games do not have feelings or morals, but people do.

I have posted my version here, because I see players asking for mmbbq on the chat and only getting dirt thrown back into their faces while it is obvious that many people are in fact using mmbbq to play HG:G. When the players then are from Russia or other non-english speaking countries do I feel sorry for the community to not to include these players as we should.

I recall at one point in the past, we didn't really allow discussion of mmbbq because we had some degree of a relationship with T3/Hanbitsoft.  But that of course dried up.  I doubt they have anyone to look at this web page anymore; you probably will not see any ramifications coming from them for talking about mmbbq.

From a personal point of view it's disappointing to see open discussion promoting cheats , including links to the download for the cheat and how to use it, still not deleted.

I don't care how people might feel about T3 and how they handled Hellgate. Cheating is cheating. I don't buy into the whole 'if it was still Flagship or somebody other than T3 running the game I would not use cheats' line of thinking.

If it's an unpalatable grind-fest to you then play something else. Just don't justify being a cheat by blaming the game you're cheating in, because you're cheating because you're a cheat and you would cheat in any game if possible anyway.

I guess this site is about as finished as the game is now.


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