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Me and Kyle agree to disband the guild. I personally have not played actively for almost 2 months and will not be returning. Most of the active players I imagine have already sought new guilds - understandably. I will disband the next time I logon

Sorry for the bad news. But don't worry, I still have much love for Hellgate ... but running guilds is best left in the hands of dedicated players such as LeitKnights and ICritMyPants - plus the guild Decibels currently runs in. I'm sure there are plenty of others too I am not aware of

Well it was worth a shot. I enjoyed being in the Revival guild while it lasted and enjoyed playing with Ninja and Hildos among others. Good luck wherever you end up people.

I'm sorry to hear this but I understand fully why the guild has to disband.  It was fun while it lasted.  I had a blast with zart and hildos also.  Maybe I'll see you all online again sometime.  Have fun and good luck everyone

If there is any guild left that recruits still motivated active players pls let me know. I know some of you changed guilds, so if you are in european timezone (or anything compatible, CET is 6 hours before EST, so i am online at least to 17-18:00 pm EST) pls tell me. Usually i am available several evenigs a week. Latenight at weekends.

Cya ingame,

I moved over to LeitKnights which just had its second guild cull, so there should be room. LeitKnights had been way more active than Revival. Send Leitner a msg in game, he is not on all the time but when he is i suspect he will welcome you in.


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