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Hi Hellgateers,

I'm happy to announce the creation of a new guild, the Berlin Brigade.
We are now recruiting new players, a little bit about the guild.

It's bi-lingual German English, and is open to players of all ages, i like to think of it as a family affair, and the only conditions for joining are that you are an active player, i.e., that you are online at least once a week, and that you are ready willing and able to help your fellow guildies, as well as how to be courteous and respectful, and most important, to have FUN, pretty simple requirements actually. So for all who are interested in joining just zmail my character Lt_Brown.

Many Thanks,


Hallo Hellgate Kumpels,

Ich freue mich ein neue Gilde gründen zu haben, es wird zwei-sprachlich Eng/DE.
Spieler alle Alter sind willkommen, die Voraussetzungen sind ganz einfach.
Ein aktives Spieler zu sein, z.B. mindestens einmal der Woche online.
Respektvoll zu alle andern, und am wichtigsten Spaß zu haben.
So für alle Leute die Interesse haben bitte ein zmail an Lt_Brown schreiben.

Vielen Dank




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