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Hello all.

We have 100 characters in our guild, and mostly 3 or 4 are online... Whats up with all the other guys??

Hope to see more people online again soon.

Django (Pistolero)

I've noticed a slowdown over the past week, as well. I attribute some of it to time zones, but it's obvious some people are nowhere to be found.

I just got into the Path of Exile beta today, so my HGG play time will decrease a little...

Everyone is on alts is my theory. I have been on alts since week 2. I am sure people in LeitKnights are asking the same question. That guild is close to full and i rarely see more than four or five in there.

Thing will pick up a little in the Revival guild over time but it just depends on whether people decide to play their revival char and how much.

I was in tonight as bunnyhuntress for about an hour and there was one other person logged on.

For the record pistolero, i saw you just last night in parliament. I was like "oh i recognize that guy!"

Personally, I've been spending all my free time working on the wiki and website stuff. Once I'm done, you'll see me back on my main - Maeyan - constantly : D

I've been wondering that too. I've played on quite random times and usually there's only 0 to 4 other people online. In alt guild it's even worse - less than 10 members and the most I've seen on has been 3, me and my brother included.

Seems like most of the active players went back to their old HGL guilds and we got all the casual, every now and then players  :-[


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