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MP 2.0
« on: May 20, 2010; 02:28 am »

This is the old patch that people used on the test center and is the last MP patch released by FSS before they went out. Although it doesn't do anything anymore it still contains all the assets we want to export into Revival. This file is archived here for historic value. You may also like to download, unhell it and have a look around.

Edit by Bryan: The direct link should be fixed now,kindly report any download errors you may encounter and they will be seen into.
Friendly reminder,please remember to seed the torrent once you're done downloading.

In case of CRC errors: The issue may be rectified by re-downloading the file/file part(s) that appear corrupted,as it seems to be sometimes caused during the download process and not due to the files themselves being corrupted.
Files will still be checked for integrity if a user's issue persists :)
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Mediafire files above are BROKEN
« Reply #1 on: Feb 04, 2017; 04:46 pm »
It seems the Mediafire links above are useless, as they point to a multipart RAR archive that verifies okay in itself, but contains a Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_( that got corrupted.

I've checked this with
$ md5sum Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_\(\).part?.rar
c215b165f6bdcfe55def1ae3e099159a  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(
9116397db2a64a9504736368ba4fcfc2  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(
59d64ac20a68ebbae6f66a51786fc0fd  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(
cb56df7a48372306e1f675da3ba585b0  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(
fe92cdbdd070bb7eed5a9f6215b10b2c  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(
e6f51326796770ab370814b458dd041e  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(
5ec015b883d19e410a2154ce647d9456  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(
and got
$ md5sum 'Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_('
eae661f0d26668aebcc8c8f195fcfb38  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(

$ unrar t Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_\(\).exe

UNRAR 5.31 freeware      Copyright (c) 1993-2016 Alexander Roshal

Testing archive Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(

;The comment below contains SFX script commands

Title=Hellgate London Standalone Patch

Testing     PatchTool.exe                                             OK
Testing     patch.dat                                                 47%
patch.dat            - checksum error
Testing     patch.idx                                                 OK
Total errors: 1

A good Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_( should end up as
$ md5sum 'Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_('
f19124f9edc68e6aad4aeec661c4acec  Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(

If necessary, I'll set up another mirror for the MP 2.0 patch here on For the time being, please avoid the Mediafire links above and use the alternate download sources instead.

[EDIT] Done. :)
$ md5sum 'HGL_Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_('
e9ee25ab406591f964cdc1fe407bd0a3  HGL_Patch_NA_Europe_Germany_MP_2.0_(

Regards, NiteHawk
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