Author Topic: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)  (Read 33346 times)


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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #60 on: Sep 09, 2010; 01:36 am »
Haven't checked personally,but the way you describe it I'd suppose they replace the same file(s),hence the problem.As long as they change the same file(s) you'll be unable to fully apply both mods at the same time,at best you'll get some changes from each depending on the order they're installed.

Can't know if those two mods can somehow be made compatible with each other though...Perhaps someone else knows for certain.
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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #61 on: Sep 09, 2010; 09:28 am »
Yes both of the mods alter some of the same cooked files. Someone who uses reanimator commonly could add the effects of both mods together. And I believe the next generation of mod packages will allow you to pick and choose what you want from different mods.

In the meantime though you'll probably just have to use 1 or the other.
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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #62 on: Sep 11, 2010; 01:44 pm »
Quote from: "Huskie"
Any chance this could be made compatible with seferoth's compile mod?
I'd suggest posting this request in seferoth's mod topic, since it is his mod that you want changed.


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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #63 on: Sep 11, 2010; 08:57 pm »
You should make the same mod as this one but with the armor... Cause i have a marksman who might use the Templars' armor
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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #64 on: Sep 12, 2010; 03:37 am »
The reason that the Armor Mod isn't done is because it deforms your characters since each Faction has a different Model for Armors.
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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #65 on: Jun 03, 2012; 03:02 am »
Thank you so much! This has been one of a list of very few complaints ive had about this  game, is that it seemed unrealistic that some weapons cant be used by other classes. for ex, a marksman being unable to use a plague blaster or the gun that cabalists use to shoot exploding pegs [forgot the name]
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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #66 on: Feb 02, 2013; 04:14 pm »
Thanks!  I really like the mod.  =]


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Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Reply #67 on: Oct 19, 2017; 10:11 pm »
Yes you can safely uninstall this mod even if you have like sword equiped on Evoker. It does not crash or anything. Offcourse its much more safe to unequip item before uninstalling.

How can one uninstall this mod? I have loved having it for kicks and giggles, but I wonder how I can turn off this mod without turning off others, including my personally altered excel files ....

I reinstalled HGL and the mods I want to keep, excluding this, and then placed my excel files back, but the mod continued :s
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