Author Topic: Old Player wanting to indulge in some Nostalgia.  (Read 1663 times)


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Old Player wanting to indulge in some Nostalgia.
« on: Jul 19, 2021; 06:31 pm »
So I have HG:L on Original Disc. I played it quite a bit back in the day. And I tried playing the Global version that was essentially an MMO or some crap made by a different company? I dunno. I know that I'm currently Creating a Disc Image(ISO) of the game with my laptop so I can play on my PC. my Desktop does not have a Disc Drive. I omitted that when I built this system a few years ago.

Anyone hosting the ISO image without cracks? because I searched for like 30-45 minutes for just an ISO but only got cracked results and I had to jump through hoops to get the files. I'm talking Video "tutorials", Ads, Surveys, so much effort for scummy people to make money off other people's cracked files. If it's Okay with the people here or the London 2038 crew I'll host the unaltered ISO for people in my situation. No Key, no cracks, just the Disk Image for people with the game or Key but no disc or CD Drive.


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Re: Old Player wanting to indulge in some Nostalgia.
« Reply #1 on: Jul 27, 2021; 07:15 am »
If it is the North American/Europe/Germany version, it is not a scarce resource.
If it is the SEA(Southeast Asia) version, please contribute it.
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