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Title: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 17, 2009; 11:14 pm
Massive incoming update next week due to revealed stats on focus items using reanimator alpha build 2 and in-depth game testing.
 :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

This I am more sure of now than ever. Here is the damage formula for an evoker in dual wield. Testing has proven this....

Important tool tip 1# Item levels are important, monsters get a base reduction on the attack from the item and the character. Always keep your main damage gear nano-ed. Monsters get a further reduction(or increase) based on character level differences. We still don't know what that multiple is. In general keep monsters within 5 levels for optimum damage (yes end-game area's expect very low damage)

Important tool tip #2 Early gear builds for evokers should concentrate on power reduction costs....late game builds will need to concentrate on damage or stun//ignite... The only patch which allows you to even damage sydonai moderately allows level 60. That will be taken out most likely. Balbi's ring is a very important mid-game belt, its the first piece of evokers gear that will be on you till the end-game make sure you pick one up.

Important tool tip #3 Focus stats are still independent when dual wielding. Let the following show what I mean

Explanation of terms
#1 Non-elemental damage mods refers to damage augments or relics equipped in the focus itself. E.g. A sacred divine relic (17%, 14%) Or a divine damage augment of 27%. Only for that particular focus.

DO NOT ADD in the other focus STATS the Foci's are separate.

#2 Non-elemental damage skills refer to 2 skills in total firestorm and concentrate damage. Concentrate damage is simple its a percentage multiple max of 84% (0.84). Firestorm is tricky. It does have a known coefficient its 1.0 with 5% per skill rank. Moreover because its also an attack source its gets added in again at the very end of the equation. Max of 1.45. *this is probably a bug* and it does explain why firestorm for some reason is the strongest spell in-game.

#3 Non-elemental damage gear refer's to gear equipment outside of the focus that each focus receives benefits from E.g. Balbi's ring gets a 18%~20% damage modifier thats applied to each focus.

#4 Elemental damage mods refer to relics or elemental damage on(or in) that focus. E.g. Massive bashing relic (17% physical, 12% physical). Only with that particular focus.

#5 Elemental damage skills refer to skills that boost their elemental damage Arc legion is the only one. Its elemental coefficient is 2.2 over 20 game ticks.(0.11 per game tick) that is only if you *shock* the monster for arc legion, also. Arc legion gets a percentage multiple based on skills increase of 25% thats for again the 2.2 value. ( only is added in damage once the monster is shocked.) this maxes out at 5.5 (2.2 * 250%)

#6 Elemental damage gear types *there are none* (unless you hex-edit your gear If you do, seriously the game is easy enough already on elite)

Damage when dual wielding
Foci power = (nothing really)

[{Foci 1's focus rating}*{(sum of all non-elemental damage mods)+(sum of all non elemental damage skills)+(sum of all non elemental damage gear)}*{(sum of all elemental damage mods)+(sum of all elemental damage skills)+ sum of all elemental damage gear)}* final coefficient skill multiple]= Foci 1's damage

+{Foci 2's focus rating}*{(sum of all non-elemental damage mods+(sum of all non elemental damage skills)+(sum of all non elemental damage gear)}*{(sum of all elemental damage mods)+(sum of all elemental damage skills)+ sum of all elemental damage gear)}* final coefficient skill multiple]= Foci 2's damage

(Foci 1's damage + Foci 2's damage)* 0.6

These 2 values are then added together and multiplied by 0.6 to get a true sum for damage to the monster. In some instances skills can further modify this damage. Concentrate damage, Firestorm, and Arc legion*shock damage* all add in a separate attack multiple again.

So each focus gets its own source of damage before the 0.6 multiple... This was also explaining how I was producing 50~56% critical hits when only 1 focus was at 6% critical chance and the other was at 95%.

This means it doesn't matter really in the end which damage relics you put in which focus... because there is no "sharing" of values between each focus when dual wielding. This also makes it impossible to have a 4 class 100% critical chance built evoker, You will need 4 len's sets to get a 100% easily. There however is an easy counter to this. Each generated level in game can only have 3 class type monsters in it... (non-random levels like Piccidaly Circus and hellgates can have all 4)
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 17, 2009; 11:25 pm
Disscussion 1 Reserved post

A: The simple stuff// Looks
Briefly here are some simple Maxed DX9 screenshots of each armor set on an evoker Female.  These screenshots Use no dye kits and are all *white* base type items.

Conjurer Armor:  How it will looks in-game

http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/nt ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ntfiYsQrFDwNDgY6vtZ4Jw?feat=directlink)
http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/3O ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/3OdnrAEUhV7oyi7g8vjN8Q?feat=directlink)
http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/xH ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/xHieXLMZxyHxLwZaEtf5Eg?feat=directlink)

Caster Armor:  How it looks in-game

http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/66 ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/66hG39wswm4U2buN9QAnBg?feat=directlink)
http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/bn ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/bnWMLfa1dFaUDNL8F2twhQ?feat=directlink)
http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/6A ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/6Aw1ezBKHTvIQ-eYI1nbsg?feat=directlink)

Invoker Armor:  How it looks in-game

http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/R2 ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/R2ogNUBCfHHho_EigLuaoQ?feat=directlink)
http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/yP ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/yPRYjTfMbyVNm8_sPDFMLw?feat=directlink)
http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/FF ... directlink (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/FFH1koDSgpaeS_43hcJYYQ?feat=directlink)

Conjurer Armor has the inherent properties of increasing the minions stats of hp, damage, and armor.  However due to a bug in 1.2 ONLY the HP portion of the base stats will affect the skill Summon ember.  The main reason an evoker may choose this armor set style is because of graphic appearances and a higher base armor value.  Augments of Minion stats and + armor Are more frequent with this armor set.

Caster Armor sets can have + evocation rate of use, + evocation power cost, +power regain, +% of all elemental attack strength,  or a combination of both evocation rate of use//power cost.  THERE is not inherent base armor value on this set type.  Most evokers if pursuing a "timered" high dps build will gear out in this armor set.  In 1.2 this armor set also appears the most graphically menacing because of the glowing spikes in certain color sets that can happen.  Augments that affect skill stats like use rate, power cost, are more frequent in this armor set.

Invoker Armor sets can have the same base stats as Caster armor, but cannot have the dual combination of power cost and use rate.  Invoker armor comes with a smaller portion of base armor value than Conjurer and graphically has slightly less spikes than caster armor.  Augments that grant skills and increase base stats are more frequent in this armor set.

In depth
Shoulder Pads

Helmet :The helmet can have the second highest armor base rating and shield base for the evoker. This armor has also the second highest Feed cost of the armor types.  Its unique augment that can happen is attained at item level 30 and allows + 1 to *all* evokers skills.  This augment is the rarest that can happen, Any helmet which gets this mod should never be broken down because that augment is more rare than uniques. :D

Shoulder pads: This item is tied for last in base armor rating and shield rating with gloves and belt.  The inherent property of +% elemental attack strengths is the most common base attribute in.  This armor slot does not have a unique augment that can be had.

Torso: The torso will have the highest feed, armor and shield base ratings of all the armor.  In terms of augments the is no unique augment field and everything appears to be evenly distributed in augments that can happen.  It shares one field with greaves of + power pool points augment.

The Belt: Tied for last in terms of base armor rating, shields, and feed cost with shoulder pads and gloves.  For Caster inherent power cost and use rate are more frequent for this armor slot than the other armor types.  The augment of + elemental defense or + all elemental defense is more frequent in this armor slot.

Greaves: Yes thats the proper term for your "leggings" even though greaves were originally intended as a "shin/calf" protector its term is for leg protection. With Boots it's in second to last place in terms of feed cost, armor rating, shield base.  + elemental defense is a more common augment along with a not unique, but a shared + power points base augment.

Boots: Tied with greaves for armor base, shield base, and feed costs.  Can carry 2 unique augments of + skill sprint and + movement base speed %.

Gloves: Tied with belt and shoulder pads for lowest feed cost, armor rating, and shield base.  Carries 2 unique augments of + evocation skill use rate and + power cost decrease.  Armor and shield augments are actually more frequent in than the others.  Power cost and use rate are *the* second most rare augment in-game so when you do get them on a pair of gloves KEEP them!
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 17, 2009; 11:26 pm
Focus Items Detail:

First about Focus items and *focus* skills.

#1 *All* focus skills are given a damage rating based on a min and max amount of focus power.  This average can be viewed any time by inspecting an focus item.  It is the power rating of the focus item and it is inherent, and varies from focus type to focus type.  Thats damage, not in any way shape or form elemental attack strength.  Damage for focus skills is separate from elemental attack strength.  Each focus is given a rating that increases upon each level increase.  A Cabalist type will have the lowest base damage when comparing Foci by item level,  Consequently the Master type Foci will also have the highest base damage per item level.

Evokers are weak damage wise in the beginning of the game, but gain considerable ground on the marksmen, coming out to near the same output of damage in endgame area's without critical damage boosts (only using 3 skills though).  The focus type Locus has the highest base damage, the lens is the lowest.

**Special Considerations #1** Each Focus skill also has a separate attack coefficient when used.  From the old forums, some of these were known, others were estimated.  In general the skills get further range, damage, size with increase in rank, a further boost in damage from character leveling, and a final modifier from the single lone stat + increased  evoker skill damage %.  Special note on the last part, that field only affects the coeffiecient, which most are near 1~2.5 at most so 27% of 1 isn't that much, and considering damage type, increased use rate is desired much more for damage output.

#2 *All* focus items are given a focus strength coefficient for focus elemental attack strength.  More commonly this can also be viewed as the "All Elemental Strength" field.  All foci except the radiant have a value of 35 for this field, the radiant's is 40.  The field is also increased by item level.  This field has some special considerations in elemental attack strengths.  The radiants focus field Is not enough to make up for 1 extra equipped elemental relic in a prism.  It saves you stat points, Not elemental attack strength.

This field is unaffected by anything other than item level.  Secondly do not use this field when you calculate secondary attack strengths with *off elemental* skills.  E.g. do not use this field when figuring elemental attack when using bone spear and trying to proc ignite.

#3 All Foci except the unique*Abyssal Core* do not carry any inherent elemental attack strength.   Essentially the focus field is in determinant of elemental attack strengths, with the specific elemental skill type.  Think of it as a doubler for certain skills like firestorm.  It however comes into great effect with skills that increase elemental attack strengths (E.g. Flameshards).  because not only are any relics you have equipped are increased, also this field value is increased.
**Special considerations #2**  The armor stats increase elemental attack strength %'s is very useful as well, it increases this field as well as any base adders you may have.

#4 The special Foci *Axis' and Cores*, each have different inherent stats.  These affect the base power cost, and base cooldowns, Of focus skills only (I.e. Blink is not a focus skill). Cores have a slightly higer base damage than all other foci except the locus.

5# Item augements are dependent upon item level, not character level.  Around item level 25, skill type augments become very frequent for all Foci, and continue to increase with each item level.

**Special considerations #3** At item level 30 a very rare legendary augemnt can happen that increases all evoker skills by 1.  The only exception to this is the *Hokus Pokus Locus* which gets that pre-filled at item level 24-27.  So a work around the unwanted augments by nano-ing your foci.  Your not missing out on anything by item level other than base damage (and the differences are really really small)
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 17, 2009; 11:27 pm
On Critical damage and Critical chances.

Critical damage formula is independent of class and is follows

damage = Source damage + (source damage*(sum of all damage modifiers+sum of critical multipliers)) + (Elemental source damage*(sum of damage modifiers+sum of all critical modifiers)

Basically its damage + (damage*(sum of damage and critical multipliers) + (elemental damage*(sum of elemental damage and critical multipliers

E.g. Non focus item with the following 15-17 base damage, 1 divine 17% relic, 1 incinerating 17% relic, and 300% critical damage multiplier

Min critical damage = 15+(15*(3.17))+(2.55*(3.17)) = 70.6335 critical damage when a critical hit occurs

Max critical damage = 17+(17*(3.17))+(2.89*(3.17)) = 80.0513 critical damage when a critical hit occurs.

#1 Special note, It isn't absolutely specific, but my testing has shown that *all* critical hits bypass armor calculations for damage reduction.  I am not saying this happens, just that my 1,400 hours of game play experience and receiving critical hits from monsters in-game has led me to this conclusion.

#2 Special note When a critical hit occurs the game takes either the min or max value for base damage only, critical damage as a variance doesn't happen very much... It is very consistent.

Critical chance when dual wielding

First let me explain each Focus has its own source of damage when dual wielding, I.e. damage is derived separately, added together then multiplied by 0.6.  I.e. this also means critical chance is separate, My testing has shown this because I had 2 lenses with 250% base critical damage 1 lens had a 20% chance base, the other had a 100% chance base....  About every 5-7 shots the damage from bone spear would be double the *normal* amount.  Early on I didn't know how to explain it, it wasn't until I was able to derive certain elemental attack strengths did I realize what FSS did for evokers post 1.0....

Thusly there is no 0.6 multiplier for critical chance, your critical chance is the the exact amount listed in each focus.
So when calculating critical chance let me explain... say focus 1 has 25% critical chance base, Focus 2 has a critical chance base of 50%,  Your critical chance is not 75%, nor is it 45%.  There is no 0.6 modifier for critical chance remember.  Its actually 25% in one focus and damage is separate, and 50% in the other focus and damage is separate.  Its a total 12.5% chance of doing a full damage critical hit( both foci critical hitting at the same time), and a 62.5% chance of doing a partial damage critical hit...(critical chance of either foci, critical hitting at the same time).

Further more Some stats are shared between Foci when dual wielding, Critical chances and multipliers are not one of them.  E.g. Shield penetration is universal on equipment (wholly additive), Critical damage and chance is equipment independent.

With no extra modifiers, the most a legit 1.2 evoker can hope for is 21%, +21% chance of critical hits occurring (8%, + 6%, +6%, +1%) + (8%, + 6%, +6%, +1%)  rather from above, a 4.41% chance of doing a full damage critical hit, or  a 25.41% chance of a critical hit occurring.

Also, the maximum an evoker can hope to achieve in critical chance playing legitly in 1.2 sp is
21%+ 21% *(1.45, +1.25, +1.25) *these are perfect base critical chance and perfect critical class chance multipliers (103.95%) which is then capped at 95%.  So to get 100% critical chance for each Focus your gonna need 4 *near* perfect critical relic multiplers, and at least 2 lenes with the same class critical chance multipliers....

So thats a lot of work to try and farm that type of gear...., but the question is.... Is it worth it?
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 18, 2009; 07:34 am
Critical damage formula single wield:

#1 your critical damage is going to vary very little... if you have a consistent chance.  Remember this is an average of your power rating, not an average of the min and max amounts of critical damage.  Finding the exact minimums and maximums for each focus based on item levels... Is well time consuming.

Your also gonna need to separate your elemental damage from your base damage.  Its easy, take your base power rating, and add together all of your elemental sources, multiply them together to get your elemental power rating.
E.g. 60*0.17 = 10.2 Or if using multiple relics.... 60*(0.17, +0.17, +0.12, +0.12) = 34.8

critical damage =

(Power rating + (power rating*(sum of all damage modifiers + sum of all critical multipliers)) + (elemental power rating*( sum of all damage modifiers +sum of all critical multipliers))) * final coefficient multiplier

E.g. A locus with a power rating of 60 and assuming 100% critical chance, using 1 divine relic 17%, 1 incenerating relic 17% fire damage, balbi's ring (20%), and concentrate damage (84%), and 300% critical damage

(60+(60*(0.2, +0.84, +0.17, +3.0))+(10.2*(0.2, +0.84, +0.17, 3.0)))* final coefficient multiplier ( skull splitter (0.7784) per shard hit assuming 20 shards (15.568)
= (60+(252.6)+(42.942))*15.568 = (355.542)*15.568 = 5535.077 damage when a critical hit occurs.  

Note 300% critical damage is low I can get mine to near 500% legitly in patch 1.10.  

Critical damage when dual wielding:
Take the above formula and run it individually for each focus.  Its then simply ((critical damage focus 1 + critical damage focus 2)* final coefficient multiplier) * 0.6

* special not were gonna improve some base stats to bring in-line with what I had before my save file got corrupted in which I tried to shot Sydonia in elite nightmare, 13 monster level difference

100% critical chance each focus, 512% critical damage base, *2 + 248% critical damage demon multiplier relics* (i hex edited this character btw to see if I could 1 shot him which I don't think is possible), Skullsplitter between 23~24 shards hitting, Perfect balbi's ring 20%, maxed concentrate 84%, 1 augment of 24% damage on 1 focus, other has 19%, 27% damage, base power ratings of 108 each

((108+(108*(0.2, + 0.24, + 0.84, + 5.12, + 2.48)+(0*(0.2, + 0.24, +0.84, + 5.12, + 2.48))+(108+(108*(0.2, +0.84, +0.19, +0.27, +5.12, +2.48))+(0*(0.2, +0.84, +0.19, +0.24, +5.12, +2.48,))* (23* 0.7784))*0.6

 :shock: Simplyfying :mrgreen:
(((108)+(959.04)+(0))+(108)+(982.8)+(0))* (17.9032)* 0.6 =
((2161.08)*17.9032)*0.6 =
(38690.24)*0.6 = (note that 38,690.24 is not the final damage don't forget the final multiple of 0.6 for dual wield.
23,214.148 damage per 1 really really good shard toss.....
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 18, 2009; 07:48 am
The following breaks down how I offer my own opinion on skills based on a simple rating system.  Each skill will receive a grade of (F-) worst to (A+) for three components of the skill.

Component 1 is simple and straight forward damage, and more damage.
Component 2 is kept simple it refers to damage mitigation (avoiding or lowering damage)
Component 3 is simple too and is a support grade.  While 1.2 sp doesn't have multiplayer ability it can still "enhance your character"

Spectral Bolt
{1} (C-) range specific anything closer than 12 meters is 1.0 your damage anything beyond 16 meters is only about 4 balls being hit so it could be the most damaging spell in game, except for its highly situational.  Not conducive to easy damage.
{2} (B+) Because its the best spell in game for boosting phase attack strength, enough phase attack strength and because of the ROF strength attack bug you'll always phase your enemies.
{3} (C) Phase is a great debuff for party play 50% more damage and 50% less damage taken from the phased monster.

{1} (B+) For its range its actually the best possible damaging spell in-game, even outstrips tempest if the monster within 10 meters.  Falls under the same category as spectral bolt for being situationally specific.
{2} (D-) In order for this spell to even work let alone be damaging enemies have to be depending on model size 2-6 meters away from a swing. Not conducive for damage mitigation.
{3} (D-) Ignite's a great party debuff, but your better served with 2 points in flameshards for ignite.

Word of Fear
{1} (F) No actual damage is associated with spell
{2} (D-) If the any targets within your 20 meter radius are near or above your level and they actually run away with the "fear" debuff consider yourself incredibly lucky.
{3} (F) Will not work in party play ever monsters receive a buff when more than 1 person enters an instance.  Thats a 15% total increase to fear defense.  Anything 3 levels or above the lowest character in the party will Not have fear debuff anymore.  This was a bug to be fixed in 2.0

Venomous Spirit
{1} (B+) Until tempest at level 20 highest 1 or (2) point wonder in game, not even arc legion can compare with its spell damage.
{2} (B+) Even Sydonai will occasionally fall to the fear affects of venomous spirit.
{3} (A+) It still works in party play and its affects are actually increased in duration.  Secondly it resets the aggro state of the monster affected by fear.

{1} (A) Until Tempest at level 20 this is the best spell suited for monster groups over 3, line them shoot them down.  At a (3) point investment has a decent chance to stun too.
{2} (A+ rank 10),(A- rank 3),(B rank 1) Basically at level 10 and any decent stun attack strength almost all enemies will be stunned for the duration until the next demonspine.  That can be 0% damage received.
{3} (A) Stun happens fairly often at rank 3 and stun is a great party debuff.

Dual Focus
{1} (C) Unless you want to be wearing non-augged white items at level 50 you'll need to max this skill
{2} (C) Again a gear specific spell, if you don't max this spell you'll find your character restricted to white/green non-augged items.
{3} (D-) Basically becomes only a 1 point wonder for party play and dual foci equipping.

Drain Power
{1} (D-) damage portion, (B) if this skill allows you to stun and regain the power at the same time.
{2} (A-) Can be vital in regaining enough power to use that next skill to avoid damage, even at 1 point is valuable.
{3} (D-) not of any real use other regain power for your character alone

Brom's Curse
{1} (F) No actual damage// so little health gained its not worth the points.
{2} (D-) Even when maxed at 7/7 it only gains 1/100th the amount that drain health would gain in on 1 enemy at rank 1
{3} (D+) marginally small portion of health regained.

Bone Shards
{1} (C-) moderate damage long cool down
{2} (A+) at 3 points and 1 white stun relic will be able to stun 50% of the monsters you encounter.
{3} (A) the only other skill in-game which could actually surpass this stun attack strength is a properly built turn-shield guardian.

Lighting Field
{1} (C), or (A) depending on the skill radius this can be a great mob skill or a 1/3 point wonder.
{2) (D) Not of much use because even drain power has a stronger elemental attack strength coefficient
{3} (F) Not a party based skill, one of the lowest skill in terms of sfx attack strength available to the evoker

Spectral Lash
{1} (C) without spectral lash mastyery, or (A) with only 1 point in spectral lash mastery the damage this can do to surrounding enemies upon death is worth a 3 point investment to get to spectral lash mastery.
{2} (C) longest range available skill to the evoker in-game, the more you kill at range the less damage you will receive
{3} (D) Paltry elemental attack strengths not a party based skill.

Arcane Shield
{1} (F) No damage and a drain on power
{2} (D-) not worth 10 points for damage mitigation, any monster over level 49 Will 1 shot your shields.  Maybe a (C) up to nightmare shulgoth after that the skill is rather useless.
{3} (F) Even worse for party based play as shield overload properties of monsters are increased further.

Venomous Armor
{1} (C) decent damage based on enemies attack speed.
{2} (A+) Absolutely Vital to damage mitigation in endgame area's a Possible 10/10 skill
{3} (B) a properly built evoker with this skill can tank about as well as a offensive based guardian.  Shoot for 87% damage reduction

{1} (B+) Decent mob damage weaker against a single opponent due to a timing bug in 1.2
{2} (F) Will not mitigate damage in any instance.
{3} (B) Great skill for ignite on mobs only skill better for ignite is hellfire.

Summon Ember
{1} (C) Separate damage based attack that has high ignite attack strength. Costs moderate power pool amount
{2} (C) 1 point wonder will not survive 2 hits past level 48
{3} (F) 1 point in flameshards is a better choice of a source of ignite.

Drain Life
{1} (C) Because of a bug in the ROF portion elemental strength attack speed is a decent skill for elemental sources, Great when combined with moderate stun attack strength against air based enemies.
{2} (A) For about half the cost in power than arc legion this skill provides 3 stacked nano-dyne health injectors.  This is a bug No one at FSS intended for this skill to ever return more than 60 health per second (I sit at 452 health per second) For comparision 1 Nano-dyne injector is worth 250 health per second.
{3} (F) Cant really be used in party based play

Skull Splitter
{1} (A) Second highest damaging spell in-game, highest single cast damaging spell in-game.
{2} (D) Horrible sfx attack coe's.  
{3} (F) your not maxing this spell for party play, can cause lag in a 5 party game

{1} (A+) Highest damaging spell in-game dps wise Second highest single case damaging spell.
{2} (A+) Believe it or not Because of a BUG this spell is great at stun modified attacks too.  Can carry so much dps to multiple mobs can also be considered a defensive skill because most trash mobs die to 1 lightning strike.
{3} (A-) Low lag, high sfx ability, multiple mob density killing spell.

A note Sadly because of several attack speed bugs, This makes most evokers cookie cutter because almost all will get this skill maxed.

{1} (F) Not a single oz. (mL.) of damage.
{2} (C) 1-7 points, (A+) 8-10 points.  Great kiting defensive skill
(3) (B+) Great for helping rushing in party play

Concentrate Damage
{1} (A) when maxed can add almost 110% damage to all attack spells
{2} (F) skill thats costs power and renders the evoker immobile for until its canceled.
{3} (F) Not a great party skill only affects 1 character

{1} (B), or (B+) B for every single monster in-game, If multiplayer is done in 1.2....... the 1 max skill needed for the Dessicator
{2} (B) Posion slows the enemy 50% if done.
{3} (D) can cause lag and poision is situational at best

Spectral Lash Mastery
{1} (B), or (F) 1 point for B rating, anything else is wasted because of a secondary attack skill bug anything over 1 point spent is a waste
{2} (D) low damage long range aggro skill.
{3} (F) not a party based skill

Elemental Defense Drain
{1} (D), or (B) 1 point allows most mobs to attacked easily sfx.  5 points allows most bosses to be sfxed
{2} (F) because of armor bugs the defensive boost to elementals is useless.
{3} (A) great party skill for everyone really lowers sfx defenses of bosses

{1} (F) requires a dead enemy to regain health does no damage
{2} (D) not a great skill at keeping you alive
{3} (F) Horrible party skill

Arc Legion
{1} (A) 3rd highest damage skill dps for the evoker in-game
{2} (A-) almost as good as tempest at stunning enemies
{3} (D-) Insane amounts of lag for the other 4 players in your party, tempest happens earlier, has higher sfx chances, and doesn't lag

{1} (B+) 4th highest damaging spell dps for the evoker in-game Second highest single cast damage in game
{2} (F) this skill wont help you stay alive
{3} (C) ignite can easily happen with 1-6 points and some off gear modded foci with this skill due to a bug.

Spectral Curse
{1} (A-) When more than 3 enemies are near death becomes the highest damaging spell for mobs in-game, not a good skill damage wise against bosses. note on separate grades this skill increases its damage heavily based on skill rank not c level so maxing this for damage is important.
{2} (D- to A+)  If maxed this skill is great for avoiding damage, because it slows its marked enemies
{3} (C) great for keeping your party alive, horrible lag for the party when multiple monsters "chain explode"
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 18, 2009; 07:52 am
Reserved Post:

First things First this will be a long update.  All spells will be given a brief summary that its targeted for the beginner evoker.  This summary will contain whether the skill is non-timered (N/T), Timered (T/V), other (O/T).   The summary will also include whether the spell coefficient is "known", "estimated", completely unknown stats.  Following the brief summary there will be a heavy in-depth explaination of the skill's mechanics in-game.  Along with an expected *Learning Curve* time frame to fully understand how to properly use the skill.

Spectral Bolt
(O/T) Spell Coe rank 1 (1.0077)-Known- per ball.  Rank 10 (1.1~25) Estimate. 1 second cooldown locked tied to casting animation.
Suggested Foci:
Prism, Radiant, Lens
cast a phasing ball that at 12.7 meters spreads outwards.  Each 5% increase in range skill modifier moves the ball split back by 0.25 meters.  Range can extend to 36 meters (even though it will appear green at 38 with max range damage is limited to 36.1~4 meters).  Full damage actually will happen at 13.1~3 meters.  Cast this spell for full damage at 14 meters if the enemy isn't advancing.  Cast at 19 meters if the enemy is advancing.  Because of the rof attack speed bug this skill is great at phasing enemies with out any phase modifiers.  Very damaging and often overlooked.  About a 25% chance of phasing shulgoth at c level 5.  The skill gains damage with each character level up, this gain is so small in comparison to rank increases its not worth mentioning.
Expect to be able to use this skill from the start of the game.  Practically speaking the least used spell in-game.  Expect 15-30 minutes to develop a decent grip on timing and placement of the ball in regards to your enemie(s) distance.

Fire Storm
(N/T) direct attack spell 300 shots(rounds) per minute(5 shots a second).  Spell coe Rank 1 c level 1 (1.00)-Known-.  Spell coe rank 10 c level 50 (above 2.5 per ball) Estimate has higher damage than my tempest.  Within 10 meters when maxed most damaging spell for the evoker.
Suggested Foci:
Axis( to oxford circus station), Core (with 22% total increased use rate{available at oxford})  
Any + use rate gear heavily affects this skill can get to 7-8 shots per second.  Max is 10 per second when you hex edit above 100% use rate.  High power cost at low levels you will have to inject often.  Power cost doesn't increase as much as other non-timered spells so can be a good 1 point wonder.  Because of the attack speed bug any use rate above 22% will net 1 more ball per second and firestorm gets the attack speed bug as well.  The summary is correct within 10 meters is the highest damaging spell in-game outstripping tempest by a fair amount.  Hard to come up with an estimate for coe's because tempest was known.  So its higher, but for sure 2.5 is a low estimate.
Very easy skill to use early on.  Simply put once you know the power costs involved its easy to use.  1-5 minutes total.

Word of Fear
(T/V) Fear based focus rated curse.  Unknown fear coefficient.  Will not directly cause fear in most enemies.  When combined with a fear based attack ( angelic orator BM, or Venomous Sprit evoker) can cause fear.  Amplifies fear based attacks,  because of a bug probably, this skill is ineffective beyond level 5.
Suggested Foci:
Radiant has evidently an inherent higher fear attack strength.  Allowing this skill to be effective on necros and beasts//trash monsters (non-demons) up to level 36~40.  This however must be used with a maxed fear rank and maxed venomous spirit.
In Order to make this skill effective you have to combo it with venomous spirit and use a radiant with + % evocation skills in its mod.  Fear strength is affected by this once thought useless mod.  This however still is outstripped by level 40 on almost all monsters.  This is still wasted skill points in both skills.
You shouldn't be using this skill unless you play a *hardcore* style in single player games.  WILL NOT WORK ON BOSSES EXCLUDING SHULGOTH.

Venomous Spirit
(O/T) 1 second cooldown, 1.5 second casting animation,  So even though the cooldown is at 1.0 seconds you are hard locked at 1.5 seconds.  Spell coe (1.97) rank 1 c level 1 -Known- Unknown fear coefficient.  Spell coe rank 10 c level 50 (2.7~9) estimate approx half the damage of the known coe of hellfire.  The spell can auto-track a target up to a total distance of 72-84 meters ( only within its 36 meter radius of attack.
Suggested Foci:
{damage Prism, Lens, Radiant}, (Fear is the locus)
Bug locks the spell at 1.5 seconds because of casting animation.  Moderate chance of fear up to level 20-22 depending mob strength type (demons have the strongest fear defense beasts are weakest).  Low power cost for the damage.  Spell doesn't gain that much damage for either rank or c level increase.  The fear based portion gains a heavy amount for rank and c level, but it slowly gets outstripped by monster defense increases.  Can be used effectively with word of fear till about level 30-33 up to nightmare Shulgoth.
1 minute for damage portion, 10-12 hours combined with Word of fear and is only effective for fear up to level 40.

Demon Spine
(N/T) Spell Coe at rank 1 c level 5(1.5)-Known-, Spell coe rank 10 level 50 (1.9~2.5) estimated.  25 meter range 1 second cooldown spell.  Any direct increase use rate gear decreases its cast time minimum cast time is 10 shots a second (600 rounds per mintue).  1 of 5 skills that targets more than 8 enemies and "pierces".
Suggested Foci:
Prism and radiant for stun, Lens for damage
Great skill can be used effectively against mobs for the entire game, even better when combined with stun.  The estimated coe comes from its increase in damage which I hex edited a couple of locus and my skills on an evoker and compared rank and level differences.  Dont increase ranks for damage, but stun is a great portion of this.  Stun does work with a critical hit, but because of a bug the only stun attack strength that "counts" is coming from your focus only.  Moderately low power cost for killing speed.  May or may not have an inherent and HIDDEN +10% critical chance base increase.
Much like firestorm, simple point and shoot mechanics.  1 minute to target 1 opponent.  10-15 minutes to get multiple opponents targeted with 1 shot (lining them up on purpose).

Dual Focus
1 or 7 points simply enough rank decreases only your willpower costs.
If you plan on equipping at least above all blue colored items As I explained before you will struggle if you play legitly.  This skill will lower your willpower costs by 84 when maxed.  Combined with a controlled gear selection you can still do the same stuff you could do with 2 prisms instead using radiants.
If you play legitly your entire lifetime of the character.  Stats are gonna be an issue for evokers the closer you get to end-game area's.  20-40 hours

Drain Power
(O/T) Spell coe of 0.2 over 1 game second-known- Non-elemental based drain.  Each enemy locked onto increase your base power recharge rate by 20-120%.  Max range of 20 meters Not affected by range mods.  Has a cone field of effect, no maximum on enemies targeted.  (because of the cone it mostly will stay under 6 enemies)
Suggested Foci:
All of them base stats are unaffected by focus ratings.
First available drain skill,  so explanation of how drains work for damage.  Damage is based off a rate of fire per tick count.  I.e. 1 of 4 skills that has no rate of fire count.  The game runs on 20 game ticks per second.  Everything in-game is calculated off that.  Your not actually doing 0.2 damage, your doing 0.01 damage per game tick.  It just happens that in 1 game second (20 ticks) the rate of fire adds up to 0.2.  All damage in game uses the "tick" method of equating damage.
1 minute to understand the mechanics.  10-15 minutes to get more than 9 opponents targeted in its cone effect at once.( hint try moving your crosshair in a tight circle slightly inside your opponents models.

Brom's Curse
(T/V) 10-20 meter health curse cast.  Affects 2-12 targets within 20 meters.  Curse range unaffected by range mods.  No damage coefficient.  Health is given to the attacker in health per second, not health per attack like in the description.
Suggested Foci:
Locus will receive slightly higher health recovery if casted is affected (slightly) by focus ratings
Health gained is based on a percentage equation of total health, focus rating, damage of attack, and rank of the curse.  Heavy weighted formula in which really only spell rank matters.  differences of about 20-40 health per minute between ranks, differences of about 10-12 health per minute with each 500 hp pool total.
Before 1.2 this skill was absolutely essential because it was a health per attack skill, not health per second.  The 1.2 nerf went Way way to far.
Simple and non-effective curse.  5 minutes total till you want drain life instead.

Bone Shards
(O/T)10 meter stun bone cast, 6 second cooldown, no casting animation can get to .5 seconds of cooldown before your use rate wraps from hex-editing.  spell coe rank 1 c level 1 (5.5) -Known- Spell coe rank 10 c level 50 (5.5) -Known-
Suggested Foci:
Prism and Radiant for sfx attacks, Lens for damage
Spell damage doesn't increase with rank, however stun attack strength does.  About the only skill besides the glitched tempest and arc legion that can consistently stun longer than 1 second nightmare Sydonai.  Radius affects this skill NOT range.  So there is no actual maximum range for this spell.  Huge hidden stun sfx adder you will be stunning 99% of the time with this skill above level 2.
1 minute to learn this as a defensive 1 time skill.  10-20 hours to get the proper gear together to turn this into a skill that allows a 6 second interval in total stun time.  I.e. can let you switch gear sets to get a third or even fourth attack skill (timered) in.

Lighting field
(T/V)2 second cooldown splash skill.  Initial Coe rank 1 c level 1 (2.5) -Known- Durational splash tick coe 0.1 per game tick over 80 ticks.  Spell coe rank 10 c level 50 Initial (3.5~4.0) Durational splash tick (same)
Suggested Foci:
Prism and Radiant for sfx, Lens for damage
Hard casting animation lock at 1.2 seconds of cooldown.  Any use rate above 72% is wasted.  Initial spell coe refers to the damage done Only if the "ball" hits a target directly.  Low end sfx attack strengths for everything, but shock.  There is no in-game cap on the radius of spell's and this one can get to around 44 meters without hex-editing.  Great mob skill when rank is maxed.
1 minute to target and # of monsters caught in its field.  2-3 hours to get the *lobbing* motion and range right to hit an enemy directly at a distance.

Spectral Lash
(O/T) Spell Coe 1.5 -Known- explanation of damage in in-depth section. rank 10 level 50 spell coe (2.2~5) estimate.  Starts at 18 meters and reaches 45 meters at rank 10.  Many bugs exist with this skill's "locking" animation for its drain effect.
Suggested Foci prism//radiant for sfx, Lens for damage
Spell coefficient is 1.5 over 1 second or more specifically 0.075 per game "tick" that is each time the game counts a tick the spell does 0.075 damage per beam.  In-animate objects like tree's common shrubs, and etc cancel the spells tick counter by trying to lock onto that object.  You will still drain power and have the range animation in effect, so its a good idea to let the skill subside and "relock".  Because this spell only as a set counter it cannot have any attack bugs with it.
5 minutes to understand the mechanics, damage, and range potential at each rank.  2-3 hours to understand all of this skills bugs and faults.  6-8 hours to master when combined with spectral lash mastery and spectral curse.

Arcane Shield
(O/T) Casting cool down of 12.7 seconds hard locked meaning it will always have a cooldown of 12 seconds. Spell duration is increased by +boost skills % duration only.  You have to hex-edit add property for increased use rate for evoker skills % (not evocation %) if you want to decrease the cool down.  Cool down is hard locked at 11 seconds minimum.
Suggested Focus: Locus
Shields are increased at rank 1 by 3.63636 * the minimum strength of the primary focus (right hand).  Not effected by any other modifiers. Shields get about a 1400 max boost if played legitly.  Not an effective skill past monster level 30, because of shield overload bugs inherent in all monsters.  If your wanting to increase the duration of arcane shields you need the modifier +boost skills duration %
1 minutes to learn as a defensive 1 time skill, just to get the proper timing to get the most out of the skill.

Venomous Armor
(T/V) Thorns based overlay skill has a maximum "retaliate" range of 13.7 meters.  Casting duration increased by 5 seconds per rank max of 65 seconds rank 10.  Cooldown is decreased by 1 second per rank.  At rank 5 cooldown is removed, however inherent skills cost always results in a 1.8 second cooldown.  Known fixed coefficient of (.2224) ( all ranks all skill levels)
Suggested Focus: Locus
Locus adds the least amount of thorns damage but yields the highest armor ratings.  Unknown formula for calculating armor modifier.  Armor is combined with gear stats before adding in boosts to overall armor.  At high levels of boost (+ 60%) can yield close to 90% damage reduction.  Thorns damage is {1+(damage received% of total health)*(1+damage modifiers)*(1+elemental damage modifiers)*(.2224)} * |0.6|<--- only if your dual wielding
A true defensive 1 time skill 1 second to learn and use.  1-2 hours to understand the damage and range affects of the thorns portion.

Flame Shards
(T/V) Fire based explosion skill.  Shoots a maximum of 4 shards from the primary foci.  Known coefficient of (2.12) rank 1 c level 1.  Estimated coe of (2.5~3.25) rank 10 c level 50.  Skills is best used by placing individual shards on the "ground"
Suggested Focus: Lens and Prism for damage, Radiant for sfx, and Core's for use rate.
Contrary to belief Shards explosions *DO NOT STACK* in 1.2 *If all the shards explode at the same time*.  Theoretically you could hit the ground and an enemy and each shard would go *off* at a different game tick.  I.e. if all shards explode in the same game "tick" only 1 shard is counted.  This skill is best aimed at the ground, or the environment to avoid having the shards explode in the same game tick count.  Shard radius of explosion is 1.72 meters (1.2)
1 second to target a single enemy with more than 1 shard.  10 minutes to target more than 3 enemies with 2 shards each.

Summon Ember
(O/T) Sole summon based skill for the evoker costing a specific and current amount of your power pool.  Gains a significant but "unknown" ignite based attack effective to within 4 levels of your current c level at 5 levels and above this summon is worthless.  2 second cooldown if the ember dies.
Suggested Foci: Not currently affected by any stats other than c level
Yeah he is cute, dont expect anything past level 42 in nightmare though.
1-5 minutes to realize he wont be effective in nightmare.

Drain Life
(N/T) Drain laser attachment skill.  Drains life up to 20 opponents dependent on a "conical radius of attack". High power cost must have end-game skill for *hardcore* players
Suggested Foci: Prism's and Radiant's for sfx, Axis for power costs.
Highest source of replenished life in game.  Can exceed 3 stacked nanodyne health injectors. 3*(18000 health per minute).  Life drain is based on a formula that is similar to this.  ***Monster attack multiple*(4.33334% of total health)*(6.7% of skill rank)*(0.2%* c level)***  Where monsters is the total number of source drains, life is total health maximum pool, skill rank is (1, through 7), and c level is character level.  This formula is approximated, meaning I did my best to show the relative strengths of each portion.  Note this skill becomes Highly effective at very high character levels.  DO NOT EXCEED more that 32,124.64444 health per second, at this point the game can become very glitchy, may *wrap-around*, may deny health pack resoritives, may deny power regen, may even result in instant death (if your life is a low health pool total).  Weak attack based coefficient of (0.12) Constant, known.
Just like drain power in targeting affects.  5 minutes to target more than 8 enemies at once.  (this assumes you mastered drain power already)

Skull Splitter
(T/V) 2.5 second cooldown spell -Known_ coe of (0.7784)(doesn't change) per shard hit.  Moderate power costs.  A fractaled explosion of shards skill locks at 1.8 second cooldown due to casting animation.  The more bounces it makes before exploding the *higher* spread (and speed of each individual shard) becomes on explosion.
Suggested Foci: Horrible sfx attack strengths, uses the lens for damage
The initial skull does 1.0 Coe if it doesn't explode, but directly hits a target.  The skull always explodes at 12.8 meters from the primary foci *or* after 5 bounces Whichever happens first.  Can be highly effective if the skull is "bounced" at 7-9 meters once directly in-front of your intended opponent.  Highest damaging 1 time spell in-game, loses to firestorm after the second cast.  Will kill most monsters with 8 or less shards up to appropriate monster//gear levels.
5 minutes to target 1-5 enemies with a single skull.  10-12 hours to understand skull explosion distance, damage, and spread types according to the bounces the skull makes.  40+ hours to get more than 20+ shards to hit a single opponent.

(T/V) Hard locked casting animation of 2.5 seconds, 8 second cooldown. -Known Coe of (11.92) per strike.  Estimated coe of (14.5~15.5) per strike c level 52 rank 10.  Best possible skill to use for the beginning evoker.
Suggested Foci: Core for use rate, Lens for damage, and Prism//Radiant for sfx attack.
Initial rank yields 18~20 strikes over 10 seconds. Does vary in total amount of strikes. Multiple storm fields can stack.  Highly effective skill can be used throughout the whole game.  Does have a ROF attack speed bug, be cause the each strike is an actual drain effect over 4 game ticks.
1-5 minutes highly defensive skill actually.  10 minutes to understand the maximum *reach* of the strikes.  4-6 hours to master the attack speed bugs.

(T/V) starts at 20 seconds and decreases with each rank point spent.  At high levels can be a very defensive kiting skill.  Minimum cast cooldown of 1 second.
Suggested Foci: Axis for power cost its the only focus that affects this skill.
The skill is affected by only 1 naturally occurring stat in-game.  That being power cost for evokers skills.  A natural augment on the Axis focus type.  If you hex-edit, the stat + evoker use rate % ( *not evocation*) effects this stat.  Even when non-hex edited 2.2 seconds of cool down is plenty fast
1-5 minutes to learn your crosshair should be slightly above where you want to go.  20-30 minutes to use this as a fast kiting or fast transport skill.  (i.e. blinking into a mob casting spectral curse then hellfire behind you then blinking back to let the mobs get hit by hellfire)

Concentrate Damage
(O/T) In the sense its available when its available,  has a 6-12 second cooldown period.  This period cannot be hex-edited to be smaller
Suggested Foci: Core and Prism for damage
Simply put this spell increases your damage by the directly stated amount.  It is the same exact modiier as placing a +damage relic mod in your focus.  When maxed with dual focus can replace 4 dual stat damage relics.  (17%, +14%)
About 1 second to understand the skill cancels and cooldown begins the second you move.  10-20 minutes to combine with known range maximums for each attack spell.  Often combined with spectral lash or Tempest.

(T/V) 6 second cooldown.  Hard locked casting animation of 1.2 seconds.  Initial COE (you have to hit the monster directly) 2.5 -Known-  Duration coe 7.5~9.0 over 6 seconds (thats 240 game ticks.  Increases heavily with ranks in poison attack strengths.  Definitely misstated attack strength %'s for poison
Suggested Foci: Core for use rate, Prism and radiant for sfx, and Lens for damage
Hidden attack strength bug, may be separate from the known attack speed bug.  Actual poison attack strength is about double of the listed spell statements.  Spell lasts for 6 seconds, is affected by all stats excluding +evocation % damage.  Has a very good chance of poisoning anything on its own, when combined with poison damage modifiers becomes highly effective at procing poison affects.  Should not be overlooked, when combined with Spectral curse *most* monsters will move so slowly that you'll simply be able to avoid attacks all together.
5 minutes to get more than 4 monsters in its attack radius.  3-4 hours to get range, speed, and lobbing down properly to target and ranged ( past 20 meters) monster to get hit with the initial attack.  When combined with Spectral curse about 2-3 hours to maximize poison and curse effects to their full advantages.

Spectral Lash Mastery
(T/V) Actually hard- locked to spectral lash target frame sequence of 1.2-2 seconds. -Known- Coe of 5.5 increasing by -Known- 0.5 per rank so at rank 10 its 10.0 even.  Does not get more coe per character or monster level.
Suggested Foci:  Prism//Radiant for SFX
This skills explosion does *stack* with flame shards, and spectral curse.  Does not stack if the damage occurs in the same game *tick* frame.  I.e. If two monsters explodes at the same time ( 1 due to a shard or other effect and the other to a spectral lash death.  The death lash gets canceled.  Explosion radius varies dependent on monster model size.  A typical zombie would be 4 meters total.  Past level 3 has a high chance to phase nearby monsters.
1-5 minutes to understand best models to attack are the large ones for radius.  5-6 hours to master the combo effects of spectral lash, lash mastery, spectral curse.  10 hours to make it an effective build that can be used in end-game area's.  30-40 hours to combine with swarm, lash, and spec curse for attack speed reduction and lash explosion damage.

Elemental Defense Drain
Places a % based curse which boosts defensive elemental armor ratings, and reduces the monsters armor ratings by a %.  1 time Great offensive spell for sfx percentages.
Suggested Foci:  Core to apply this curse to multiple monsters for sfx damage boost
Armor modifies are a straight up boost in %, the armor boost is modified by curse duration, not +boost skills.  Elemental attacks are heavily bugged for monsters in end-game area's Even with high armor stats ( +5,000) phasing, stunning and igniting may still all happen frequently with this curse even on.  (thats 15,000 for each armor in your display).  However the % reduction for sfx attack can be absolutely vital to getting stun effects to last longer.  All sfx curses are also modified by Curse duration.  So if you want to max the effectiveness of the skill grab gear for + curse duration.
1-5 minute for placement range and targeting the proper monster (hint always target demons.).  10 hours refine gear choices to maximize this skill

After Life
Simply put, Costs about the same power as drain life and needs a dead body.  Whereas drain life only needs a target and has the same power cost.
Suggested Foci: None, not affected by focus ratings
Seriously, ---Drain Life--- is better in almost every aspect.
1 minute to realize 1 rank point spent in drain life is more efficient than 7 rank points in after life.

Arc Legion
(N/T) A drain skill has not timed portion.  -Known- coe of 2.2 per beam over 20 game ticks.  (0.11 per game tick per beam).  Does not increase damage in rank or c level ups.  -Known- coe of shock effect 2.5 per 20 seconds of game tick increasing by 25% per rank point spend max of 6.25 per 20 game ticks (shock damage tick).  Has an attack rate speed bug.
Suggested Foci: Axis for power costs, Prism//Radiant for sfx, Lens for damage
Arc Legions attack rate speed bug is actually 2 fold.
Bug#1 Every 20 game ticks damage for elemental is calculated, all 20 game ticks are added up resulting in +20X the actual elemental attack damage.
Bug#2 Every beam that targets a single monster gets its own inherent elemental attack.  Does stack with the prior bug resulting in and Huge increase is base attack strength over --**ANY**-- other spell in-game.  IT will be your highest source of elemental attack strengths in-game even at level 1.
Highly effective sfx skill approximating to 160X the normal amount of low skills like firestorm.  about 8x stronger than all of the other drain skills.
1 second, It auto targets, selects up to 8 monsters, and has a moderate low power cost for damage output.  Also is a highly effective 1 point wonder skill.

(T/V) 3.2 second Casting cool down Casting animation hard locked at 1.5-75 seconds.  -Known- intial coe of 4.5 over a 3.3 meter inner field.  Also -known- intial coe of 2.0 over a 6 meter field.  (thats 2 stakcing fields.)  -known- duration coe of 11.5 over 5 seconds (200 game ticks). Unknown coe estimated at rank 10 c level 48 of 14.0~16.0 intial and 12~16 over 5 seconds.
Suggested Foci: Axis for power cost, (its a massive power consumption spell) Lens for damage, Prism//Radiant for sfx
Due to the double stack field ignite has a high chance of happening with this spell.  Duration is Affected by + boost skills.  There is no in-game limit on radius size so the spell can get large if played legitly about 60 meters or so.  If an enemy is placed in the *inner core* of the spell has a better chance of ignite it seems than arc legion.  So its ignite attack strength is bugged for sure.  Ignite status affects is effect by curse duration.  You can get a above 1 minute in ignite status with this spell and elemental defense drain.
1 minute to learn best placement for non-moving targets withing range.  2-4 hours for best placement for moving (but non-advancing) monsters.  8-10 hours for placement of advancing monsters.

Spectral Curse
(T/V) Ranged Curse based spell that lowers speed, marks the target for violent destruction *really violent*, and has a range of 20 meters.  -Known- COE of 6.0 per explosion in a 6 meter radius.  -Known-rank coe of 1.0 per rank (Thats 15.0 per explosion at rank 10) again 6 meter radius
Suggested Foci: Core's and Axis'
Can get up to 60% reduction in total speed with a single cast.  Range of 20 meters for the curse locked 6 meter radius from outer extremity of monster model ( i.e. the bigger monsters have a larger radius).  Bosses will not explode.  Bosses will be slowed, if combined with a strong poison attack can be highly effective.  Great skill to cause lag//monster death.  Very fun if understood how to play properly.
5 minutes to get the skill down to where you can cast/kite/kill 3-4 mobs in quick succession.  15 minutes to combine with poison to reduce boss attacks to a crawl.  20+ hours to combine and make a decent build based on poison attack gear and skills.
Should Not be considered a secondary skill.  So many situational uses that it really should be something you think about when planning your evoker.
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Aug 18, 2009; 07:56 am
Reserved post

Rate of fire tick bug explained:

Because of the ROF tick bug all "4" drain skills have increased elemental damage.  The bug works like this.  You target an enemy with drain power, the windup portion of 20 ticks happen.  At the end of each 20 game ticks the game calculates your elemental damage.  Because you've applied your elemental damage once every game tick these spells get about 20x the elemental damage, Their also is a different bug for critical chance to, but I will cover that next.

Each drain skill is as follows Spectral Lash, Drain Life, Drain Power, and Arc Legion.

Tempest is a separate case.  It has a Higher natural sfx coefficient, which is also combined with a 4 tick duration drain.  If you were actually able to slow down the game speed each time a lighting strike occurred you would "see" the drain effect taking place.  I estimate that the total sfx bug is somewhere between 20-100x the intended amount.  Tempest is not as strong as Arc Legion against a single opponent, however when more that 2 enemies enter Tempest's field it then is a more efficient system of delivering sfx *THAN ANY OTHER SPELL* in-game.  This means, yes Tempest truly is a Cookie cutter skill in 1.2 SP

Arc Legion is also a special case.  It gets 20x the normal amount of sfx attributed because of the ROF bug.  In addition to each *beam* of arc legion can stack with the other on single or multiple opponents.  Meaning your total SFX attack strength against a single target is at least 8 times stronger than any other spell in-game *excluding tempest see above*.  That also means its 160x stronger than most of the other spells in game as well too.  Skills like firestorm, Venom spirit, and Spectral bolt.
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Post by: Harrowing on Aug 18, 2009; 07:57 am
Incorrect information will update.

Some notes before you go trying to achieve this.
1. I was able to get this gear online on the Usa server *shulgoth*  under the screen name of *Evotions_Devotion
2. You could with little time invested see your *own* results of building this with some proper hex editing.
3. There is a * Korean* video of an evoker 1 shotting moloch in normal Via critical skull splitter.
That Koreans post estimates that if his skull splitter fully hits he can do +80,000 damage.
4. The critical armor bypass bug was fixed in 1.3 c and evokers dual wield bug was fixed in 1.3 a
5. There was no fix for the sfx critical attack strength bug in any version until TC 2.0 (d)
6. Yes skull splitter can *do more total* damage than tempest, but who likes trying to aim that random skill each time?
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Post by: Norak on Aug 18, 2009; 08:14 am
Wow, how did you manage to do all that without a "C-C-C-COOOMBOO BREAKER"?
Nice to see you are hard at work, can't wait to see where all this goes!
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Sep 21, 2009; 08:10 pm
I've encountered some interesting things after being able to control shulgoths elemental defense's.  I'll bring a follow up on what Im seeing using re-animator.  Should give some in-depth insight on to the workings of the evoker.  May even change some builds.
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: StickyMucus on Sep 22, 2009; 01:32 am
nice work harrowing!  i have found some very useful information in ur posts and i (and others i'm sure) appreciate ur hard work.
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Isaac1231 on Sep 23, 2009; 07:18 am
Wow, lots of great information.  I can't wait to see it when its complete.  :D
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Oct 28, 2009; 10:41 pm
How elemental attack strengths are calculated in 1.2 SP and the now known bugs.  I was able to discover these after getting re-animator alpha release working on my computer and controlling shulgoths elemental defenses.

When in single wield mode its fairly straight forward.  Damage is as listed in item descriptions.  Easily calculated

When in Dual wield mode it gets very complicated.  First each Focus is given a separate treatment for damage then the two separate fields are added together and multiplied by 0.6.  Thats damage, Not elemental attack strength.  

Most everyone knows that in-order to add a full effect of elemental to a separate attack type ( adding stun to a fire based attack) you need both the source elemental damage mod and a elemental attack strength mod of the same type.  Which can be fairly easy to procure and equip.  However I have direct field testing that has revealed something of great importance.

In simple form the game decides elemental effects by taking the attack strengths (post armor reductions) and dividing them by elemental defense values.  This results in a direct percentage chance to occur.  For instance a 20 ignite based attack would have a 20% chance of procing ignite if its hits a 100 elemental defense monster.  If a value greater than 1 is returned from this equation the following happens( I.E. a ignite attack of 110 hitting 100 defense).  That elemental chance gets hard locked at 75% or (0.75)  My single wield tests have shown this.

In dual wield mode that chance gets multiplied by 0.6 returning a 45% chance to proc the same effect.  This is normal and is expected.....

What isn't expected is the result of separating the elemental source for the attack strength relics into each focus.  That 45% chance gets reduced even further...  I've tested this and it happens only about 20% of the time.

That being said It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you keep the elemental source combined with its elemental attack in the same focus...

Further more.... I've also found it still gets around a 20% chance when you equip 1 source relic  and 2 attack relics  (Focus 1 has 7% and an  ignite 23 focus 2 has a 27 ignite) even then its at 20% still....

That means Even if you want to equip multiple attack strength relics your better served by keeping the extra's out of the other focus.  Your only gonna reduce your attack strength that way.

E.g. #1 Focus 1 has a fire and 3 ignite relics Focus 2 has 1 physical and 3 stun relics (This is optimal for attack strengths of each type)

E.g #2 Focus 1 has 1 fire and 3 stun relics Focus 2 has 1 physical and 3 ignite relics (not optimal your reducing your attack strength twice over)

E.g. #3 Focus 1 has 1 fire, 2 ignite relics, and 1 stun relic Focus 2 has 1 physical, 2 stun relics, and 1 ignite relic (not optimal again your reducing your attack strength twice over.)

I have in-depth testing to prove these stats.

Typically speaking your only going to run into this situation when your item levels are around 4-7 levels higher than your current monster your attacking....  This can happen if you keep your equipment updated...

In general for attack strengths to incur a 75% chance you need AT MINIMUM 2 legendary attack relics of the same monster level.  *this* excludes bosses.  E.g. your gonna need 2 high level 10 ignite relics to get even close to a 100+ attack strength vs shulgoth.(remember to add in your base elemental  attacks from the focus) vs shulgoth in the lower levels.  Only concern yourself when you start equipping + elemental attack strength% gear.  As once you can get those your really gonna start to run into this bug... its simple enough to avoid to.
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Ansive on Oct 28, 2009; 10:56 pm
Wow, very informative.

I finally know how resistances and attack strength works. I'll also try to keep the damage and attack strength relics in the same focus from now on.

So as I understand.

Fox max elemental strength use only one focus (max 75% chance to proc)
If you dual wield the chance drops (max 45%)
If you dual wield and split the damage and attack strength relics between the two focus items the chance drop even lower (max 20%)

And that is the max when having a higher attack strength than the targets resistance...

Time to shift my relics around...

Thanks Harrowing
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Shayagor on Oct 29, 2009; 12:17 am
Awesome testing Harrowing!

This is very informative. Thanks
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Oct 29, 2009; 01:57 am
Fixed quite a few spelling errors, and front loaded the thread so people would notice the most common questions answered first.

Starting to look decent I think.
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Post by: PeeterMcG on Oct 29, 2009; 02:22 am
Quote from: "Ansive"
Time to shift my relics around...
I have to do that sometimes when I see a particularly attractive woman....
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Nov 01, 2009; 06:24 am
With the alpha 2 release of re-animator a lot more has been revealed.  Expect a Full *overhaul* of some area's to match with the now more known figures.
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Nov 19, 2009; 11:26 pm
Eventually I will release a modified items overhaul for evkoers which should fix a few things, strengthen the play style and be a general buff for the class... Expect a few  :mrgreen: hidden :mrgreen:  surprises.
Title: Re: The Evokers Compendium version 1.2 (A)
Post by: Harrowing on Apr 22, 2010; 11:10 pm
Questions?  Did I get them all?