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Assistance required for Reanimator


I've been trying to use Reanimator recently and have found no modification is recognized by Hellgate.

If I'm not reading the instructions wrong, then my workflow is:
*Open Reanimator (latest build)
*File Explorer > Excel > items.txt.cooked
*Extract .cooked file
*Open with Reanimator, browse the Table Editor
*Find an item (reference test: ID 278, a common SRAC)
*Edit values (reference values for testing: damage and price)
*Save file, Reanimator will point out the Table was saved successfully
*Exit Reanimator
*Run Hellpack
*Hellpack creates the sp_hellgate_1337 .idx and .dat files
*Files are moved to Hellgate's Data folder
*Game runs

And nothing is different, whether I load a save or start a new game.
Whatever changes I try to make - be it item stats, some dialogue - nothing is recognized.

For comparison, if I use DJ Malsidious's cheat mod, everything works "out of the box" (out of the .zip file, actually). Drag, drop, play, success.

I would sincerely appreciate any help with this...

RJ Mayhem:
I want to say I don't remember much of the original Reanimator. Been using the Steam one recently. There could be a couple things I can think of. 1st using hellpack to create the .idx./dat. It might not be using the proper file structure. Try to make a .mod.zip file and use the Revival Launcher to make the .idx/.dat. When I used the Steam Reanimator when I open it it shows the files. I dont need to extract a cooked.txt then edit it. Maybe Reaniamtor isn't setup properly? another things could also be if you have mods already installed that overwrite the same file that use a higher version. like a mod.1.2 over your mod 1.0.


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