Author Topic: Assistance required for Reanimator  (Read 793 times)


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Assistance required for Reanimator
« on: Nov 16, 2023; 03:12 pm »
I've been trying to use Reanimator recently and have found no modification is recognized by Hellgate.

If I'm not reading the instructions wrong, then my workflow is:
*Open Reanimator (latest build)
*File Explorer > Excel > items.txt.cooked
*Extract .cooked file
*Open with Reanimator, browse the Table Editor
*Find an item (reference test: ID 278, a common SRAC)
*Edit values (reference values for testing: damage and price)
*Save file, Reanimator will point out the Table was saved successfully
*Exit Reanimator
*Run Hellpack
*Hellpack creates the sp_hellgate_1337 .idx and .dat files
*Files are moved to Hellgate's Data folder
*Game runs

And nothing is different, whether I load a save or start a new game.
Whatever changes I try to make - be it item stats, some dialogue - nothing is recognized.

For comparison, if I use DJ Malsidious's cheat mod, everything works "out of the box" (out of the .zip file, actually). Drag, drop, play, success.

I would sincerely appreciate any help with this...

RJ Mayhem

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Re: Assistance required for Reanimator
« Reply #1 on: Nov 17, 2023; 04:11 am »
I want to say I don't remember much of the original Reanimator. Been using the Steam one recently. There could be a couple things I can think of. 1st using hellpack to create the .idx./dat. It might not be using the proper file structure. Try to make a file and use the Revival Launcher to make the .idx/.dat. When I used the Steam Reanimator when I open it it shows the files. I dont need to extract a cooked.txt then edit it. Maybe Reaniamtor isn't setup properly? another things could also be if you have mods already installed that overwrite the same file that use a higher version. like a mod.1.2 over your mod 1.0.
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