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Re: Shenanigans
« Reply #15 on: Mar 28, 2016; 11:06 pm »
I'm just posting pictures and teasers about stuff I'm trying.


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Re: Shenanigans
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different holborn!
you are A great modder.good luck. :) :) :) :)


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Re: Shenanigans
« Reply #17 on: Apr 11, 2024; 04:55 am »
All three of those pictures are supposed to be 1920 by 1080. Perhaps uploading them reduced their size.
But yes, I moved the Holborn Access Shaft portal to where the Tottenham court portal normally is, and the Tottenham Court portal on the lower section next to where the Holborn Access shaft portal was. And the best is they actually worked properly too.
Stonehenge and Abyss confirmed.
I was playing with a layout.xml file, which details the positions of the portals, npcs, interactive objects, and decorative objects. I could completely rearrange the various barrels, crates, portals, platforms, the stash, the waypoint terminal, the guards(maybe not the patrolling one(s), they might be a bit more involved), but adding stonehenge and the abyss is not going to be that easy. So I didn't think that someone's thought process would go from these objects to stonehenge etc.

But I was thinking about adding another portal to holborn and then linking it to another level(a preexisting one like another station) to start with, then copying another level, making some changes to it and linking the portal to that.
I would still like to get stonehenge and the abyss in singleplayer though, since I never got to see them.
hi, could you describe in more detail how I can add portals? I'm making a mod for the steam version, I tried to revive the protection of the base, but everything was unsuccessful. The quest itself is hard-coded because it requires a party and it's impossible to get around it in different ways, I changed the cowshed to the entrance to the dungeon, which was not in the global version, but I found a way to get there, the fact is that there are only 20 floors, There are no portals on the 5th, 10th, 15th floors, which makes it impossible to go from the 1st to the 20th floor, there are NPCs there, apparently they either teleport us to the next one or open a portal, but it is impossible to interact with them, if you prescribe them a quest, then after completing the task nothing happens, apparently this is also part of the program that is controlled, the only way is to add the portal manually, but the biggest problem is that it is impossible to open and edit the xml.cooked I believe that you will be able to direct me in the right direction, the main thing is your desire and help😁