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Installing Reanimator and using the Item Trading function

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As there still seem to be quite a few problems and questions on how to use Reanimator to trade items I decided to add this small "tutorial" on how to do it.

Installing Reanimator:
Before installing Reanimator, make sure you have the .Net Framework 3.5 installed. You can check your currently installed .Net versions by running this little tool: VersionCheck Utility. If you don't have .Net 3.5 or 4.0 installed, you can find the installer here. After that just extract the Reanimator tool to wherever you like, it doesn't have to be a specific folder.

To install Reanimator you first have to revert your game to its original state by removing all your installed mods including our Revival patches. To do this open the "newLauncher" and click the "Revert/Uninstall mod" button. After successfully uninstalling all modifications open Reanimator and it should start extracting all the files it needs to work. After you see the "Successful!" message you can reinstall all your previous mods again. Do NOT start the game and load characters between uninstalling and installing your mods as all items added through our patches will disappear!

If you're doing a clean install:
1. Install HGL
2. Install the official 1.2 patch
3. Start HGL and create/play a character
4. Install Reanimator
5. Install the 1.2.1 patch
6. Install optional mods

In some rare cases Reanimator might report a missing exceltables.txt.cooked file. If this is the case for you, you can download the file below, unzip it and place it in your "data_common/excel" (and "Reanimator/data_common/excel") folder if it is not already there. This should do the trick :)

Trading Items:
One small advice:
Using the Item Trading function may corrupt your character savegames! Make sure to unequip all weapons and shields from the three weapon slots (F1 - F3) before continuing and create backups of all characters you're going to trade with! If you notice some strange behavior when starting the game with a character you traded with (e.g. weapon slots not displaying the weapons you place in them) IMMEDIATELY quit the game and DO NOT load any other characters! Either restore your backup (and that of the other character you traded with so you don't lose the items) or restart the game to see if the bug still exists.

Before starting Reanimator make sure your characters have access to the Transmogrifying Cube and all items you want to trade are place inside. Then start up Reanimator and go to "Tools" -> "Trade Items" to open the transfer window. Select the character you want to use for trading and click the "load" button.

If you want to trade over a single item click the item you want to trade and hit the "Trade selected item" button (make sure the other character has enough free space in his Cube)

If you want to exchange the whole Cube content, click the "Exchange items" button

If you want to delete an item you don't need anymore, click the "Delete item" button

If you want to revert your trades and/or undo all deletes, click the "Undo transfer/Reload" button BEFORE saving

If your want to save all trades, just click "Save traded items"

How to enable item trading images:
1. Download the multiplayer TCv4 patch from here (DDL) or here (torrent).
2. Install it and start MP mode once so the game can extract all files
3. Future versions of the item trading will access the image files directly, but this version requires you to extract the images from the game files. These files will require about 300MB of additional disk space! (and about 150-200MB of additional RAM when item trading uses these images :P)
To do this

* start up Reanimator
* go to "File -> Open -> Index File -> Hellgate London/Data -> mp_hellgate_1.10.180.3416_1.0.86.4580.idx" and open it
* In the new table, type "dataunitsitems" into the small search box in the top left corner of the screen and hit the "Search" button
* Wait until the system has found all relevant files (about 3034) and right click into the table
* click "Extract selected", select the "Hellgate London/Data" folder and click "Ok". When the system asks you wether it should "Keep [the] directory structure", click "yes".
* wait until the extraction process is finished and you're ready to go :)

I finally managed to figure out how and why the weapon slot bug occurs and I'm trying to fix it. However things aren't looking good, but here's what I can tell you about it:

* As long as you only ADD items to your inventory, you're ALWAYS save
* If your weapon slots AND your hotkey bar slots are empty of any kinds of items, you're ALWAYS save when adding or removing items
* In all other cases (when trading items AWAY from a character, or having items stored in the slots specified above) it is VERY likely the bug will occur

A german version of this guide can be found here.
Die deutsche Version dieser Anleitung findet ihr hier.

A great idea and most helpful indeed.
How about having it sticky'd too,so it could be found easier?Just a suggestion there.


--- Quote from: "Bryan" ---A great idea and most helpful indeed.
How about having it sticky'd too,so it could be found easier?Just a suggestion there.
--- End quote ---
Yep, that's my plan :) Sadly I'm lacking the means of doing so xD Gotta ask Mal or somebody else...

Well if it's within a moderator's capabilities I could have it done myself.Though I'm gonna have to find out how to do it first  :oops:

Lol.... Kite definitely has moderator abilities. But stickying is something only maeyan can do I believe.


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