Author Topic: Lost London- Hexed weapon mods for level 99  (Read 7945 times)


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Lost London- Hexed weapon mods for level 99
« on: Mar 13, 2011; 12:36 am »
Intended for Lost London but seems to be ok in any game so far.
The 11 mods, 1 hunter boots and 1 hunter pants from the previous post got a quick upgrade for use up to level 100.

The mods are now level 1-99, the armor items got more armor, shields and defenses.
(Moloch was igniting me at level 70 and rift coils are still riftcoils.)

The earlier set ( might not go into some higher level weapons if such things exist in these newer games. Do not import both the old and these newer versions into the same game or both versions will get deleted, the game treats them as duplicates. If so, just repeat the importing of just one set.

Nano forging the hexed armor items may cause them to revert to their lesser original versions.
If so, scrap them before re-importing replacements.

The savegame character is LL_Crippling, Lost London V2 elite Hunter.
The items are in the cube ready for Item Trade.
Give em Hell.

Edit 3 May 2014
Hunters can use the Tech mod that adds 60% range in a sniper rifle as a quick way to kill the exospector in Big Gundown without using the "Big Gun" that bugs many people, second only to the "CIS" mission with the overhead view that can really bug people (apparently Evos can use Blink to get into the CIS map area and kill enemies the normal way).
It looks like there is only one of these ammo Tech mods so you may have to take it out of your main shooter before you can use it in your sniper rifle. The sniper rifle will also need a damage boosting mod or two, probably +300 attack and +300% damage for NMare. Sorry, too lazy to hex up another +60% range mod atm. PRD back for a quick mod swap was less bother.

The mods are importing ok into the current 1.5b revival version so Naga3b should be ok too.

[attachment=0:wq36siz1]<!-- ia0 -->LL_Crippling_Mods for<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:wq36siz1]
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Re: Lost London- Hexed weapon mods for level 99
« Reply #1 on: Mar 14, 2011; 09:32 am »
Will come in handy when testing things out, thanks for the release.
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Re: Lost London- Hexed weapon mods for level 99
« Reply #2 on: Sep 14, 2019; 08:27 am »
Need templar