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Read before posting your characters.


It is very easy to share your SP characters with everyone. There are a few guidelines you must follow when submitting your characters otherwise they will likely be tagged for deletion.

* Your save files are saved in My DocumentsMy GameHellgateSingleplayerSave.
* The save files are titled your characters names followed by the extension .hgl.
* Add this file to the compressed archive.
* The compressed file can optionally contain a readme.txt with your characters details.
* Create a new thread with the subject in this format: "{CHARACTER_LEVEL} {DIFFICULTY} {CLASS} {CHARACTER_NAME}". Example: 32 Elite Guardian Maeyan
* Upload the save file as an attachment to the thread.
* Write a short descriptive paragraph about the character.
* Optionally also attach some screenshots (this would be a nice touch).
* State if the character has been hex edited.
* State what version of the Revival SP patch has been used (if any).
Make your character entries interesting and fun.. don't you want your character to be the most popular?  :D

I would like to remind everyone of the Save File guidelines. There are some entries that are missing some of the information I think it's important you provide before people download :)


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