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Re: 2038 Ideas: Events!
« Reply #15 on: Jan 23, 2017; 01:43 am »
Hi, thanks for bringing up this. I am very much looking forward to a Green Park event, which was pretty common while T3Fun GM's were active.

The event took place at Green Park station, and the GM spawned a random actboss who was free to kill by anyone going to that station. Since that station is shared along with other players, it was common to see 50 players trying to kill Moloch or Darkan.

If this kind of event could have som kind of automation it would be even better. Like a random boss in every hour with an announcement from the server like "Moloch walks the Earth".

I remember something weird happened at one point and Syd managed to spawn in one of the other stations and a guardian npc had to kill him. Probably want to avoid that happening. Not sure if it could break the server or not lol.


There was one such incident,in the dark days of the pre-pre-pre*1k-alpha. A CM (who shall remain unnamed) had spawned a Moloch in Holborn by accident,but oddly enough the server handled it with grace.
I'm not sure who killed him though. But I did find a body there,which was hilarious.
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Re: 2038 Ideas: Events!
« Reply #16 on: Jan 23, 2017; 07:45 am »
Yeah I do remember this too :)