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Author Topic: Starter character series: Guardian with Full Set  (Read 1037 times)


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Starter character series: Guardian with Full Set
« on: May 27, 2021; 08:52 PM »
Level 55 Rank 50 Guardian arrivaled Charing Cross Station. with Guardian Angelic Armor Full Set and Forgotten Warrior / Lazy Envoy miniSet.

One-handed Weapons:
 [Mythic Sword] Beamcarver - Electric Twister Gun
 [Mythic Sword] Plague-Grinder
 [Unique Shield] Hyeonmoo's Iron Shield - Turtle Shield
 [Mythic Shield] Wyrmguard

 Ancient Mental Clam
 Destroying Moloch

Hacked Items:
 [Legendary Costume] 10th Costume head 1 (For matching equipment, you can destroy it at any time)
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