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Chromebook Test 2024


hey all. must make an new account i lost my old one (chaos0ne)
after several tests with linux i thinking about to play this game a while on it.
But on linux is the 1 fps bug still present. after a bunch of reading and youtube showing was clear, an intel chip cant never handle the game complete. older hardware was not more supported by steam itself. so i looked for an alternate option to play hellgate steam version and i found a little answer that was an good option.

A chromebook that can use steam itself without a linux as second os on it. enougth power to run games on it.
so also i buyed myself an acer chromebook with an ryzon 3 processor and amd radeon card on it with 8 gb ram. should be ok for gaming and suprice it is.

i have do several tests on it with the game, running map after map for hours without an 1 fps bug drop (ok little fps drops was there but not so bad) installing mods on it was a little bit tricky. chrome os is so good protected that you must use a console for moving data from folder to folder. all works fine and i hope the game will not crash on tokyo level like my tower pc will do.

happy hunting

RJ Mayhem:
IIRC there was a way to fix the 1 FPS for Linux. IDR the info I think i seen it posted on the Steam forums.

i have test it with linux on my pc with an intel chip inside but the bug was still there. now with an ryzen 3 chip inside on a chromebook it is not. ok thereĊ› some slowdown when i play my evoker but ok 1 or 2 seconds slow down of fps but than it goes straight up to 60 fps again. that never happen on my intel pc


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