Author Topic: Goodbay HGL steam and wlc old HGL  (Read 1733 times)


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Goodbay HGL steam and wlc old HGL
« on: Mar 14, 2019; 02:28 pm »
On 2018\12\ when i saw HGL steam V, instantly i chose it as new game that i going to enjoy it, sense i try it at 2009, even with FPS problem when start showing up, and the only way to continue to ply is to reduce graphics! but anyway the Tokyo dlc was worth to keep going "new items, new story", but after i finish the game i looked to gear up, like any other RPG game, but i just remembered the old version was there nightmare >hell, and the system loot....when we talk about loot drop system it's the main pictures on RPG game right? so i installed the old HGL with last patch.
I SHOOK, the graphics as max the loot system far better, the merchants, items are much properly design and you can tell there's different, when you see legend or rare demons they more challenge, even the story and map design!

The people who released the HGL on steam they did some progress"as they think", like the game are more faster on finishing quest, and you can finish it so easily on few days! the legend items are drop often, recipes to, but that cost to much from original game.

Yep i saw punch of youtube and some topics they talk about HGL steam that's is different from original and there's no server, but still to see that much different on your own, i could resist to talk about it, it's just scam game for ten $  ::)