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RJ Mayhem:

I've created a update to the mod contra uploaded. It includes most the changes/fixes their mod offers plus a LOT more. You MUST still use their mod for full benefits. I've added a bunch of cash shop items to the merchants. I've added Storage Containers, Consumables, Jewelry, & Pets. I've created 3 Item Boxes Value Package (10K), Costume Package (10K) & Premium Package (250K). Value Package offers 1 out of 25 different Non Stonehenge Dyes with all different effects. Some of the Dyes were based on London 2038 dyes. Costume Package offers 1 out of 18 different Costumes which have 7AA with a special costume that has both a mask & armor both with 7AA. Premium Package offers the mask & armor from the quest Cynthia's Project & can be augmented. I've added the Fawkes, Halloween & Christmas Event items to custom drop tables. I didn't enable the events as they are broken. I've added the Set Shoulders, Torso & Belt items to the drop table as Base Defense is broken. Astaroth has a 1% Chance to drop Set Shoulders (Hell ONLY), The Desiccator has a 1% Chance to drop Set Belts(Hell ONLY) & Berial has a 1% Chance to drop Set Torsos (Hell ONLY). I changed the Event Helmets to Masks so now you can wear them and still were a helmet. I fixed the Full Set Bonus to include 5AA. Items can now be Augmented 6 times. I also enabled the last 3 Nano Forge upgrades bringing it to +23. Enabled auto pickup on most consumables including the event ones. I enabled Donation/Event Buffs. The Buffs are pretty powerful so I've uploaded 2 versions one with buffs & one without. I also increased stack sizes even more & changed some items that weren't able to be stacked can now. Changed some items buy Limits so you can buy unlimited. I'm sure there is more changes I can't remember.

Donation/Event Buffs:
+5% Health Regen
+200% Power Regen
+20% Damage
+200% Power Points
+10% Movement Speed
+200% Exp
+30% Exp & +10 AA
+50% Armor & Shields
+1000% All Defense
0 Sprint Cooldown
+40% Luck

This is still a early release some things might not fully work. That being said it's been tested and everything seems to work as intended. If you come across a problem post and I'll work on a fix. Also open to suggestions.

Special Thanks:
Contra & All the people who helped create the original mod. This mod uses some of the files to keep the changes it offers.
Bryan for helping me numerous times & giving me a lot of advice.
SaltedTequila for helping me test the mod.
ti360 for tweaking the Reanimator to work with steam.

RJ Mayhem:

Well done Mayhem 👍 it's been brilliant working with you and testing each step of this for you. It works amazingly and adds really cool features.

Happy to see it's already release-worthy, kudos :)

RJ Mayhem:

--- Quote from: Bryan on Oct 01, 2023; 06:31 pm ---Happy to see it's already release-worthy, kudos :)

--- End quote ---

Still an early release but it seems to work enough to release it into the wilds.


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