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Some CC questions...
« on: Jan 30, 2024; 08:18 pm »
1. Is 100% crit chance possible or is there a cap of 90-95%?

2. How much cc do I have to have in one hand, having Moloch pet with me and having max ccm per race to have a 100% chance of crit vs race? What I mean is not to put too many mods 2 CC.

3. A quote from another guide "How about that Moloch pet? It ONLY WORKS WITH BASE CHANCE It is not cummulative with any other type of CCM and is calculated last This was a developers post directly from HG:G Team. Second point, With the gear your gonna be running you wouldn't need it anyways." What does this mean in practice?
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Re: Some CC questions...
« Reply #1 on: Jan 30, 2024; 09:33 pm »
1. The "inherited knowledge" over the years suggests there's a 95% cap. Independent field tests from different players over time seem to confirm this, eg this BM info guide that's based on Global states that
"It is believed by many (including myself) that critical chance caps at 95%. This was, in fact, verified for Hellgate: London. We work on this assumption[.]"

2. Unfortunately there are conflicting interpretations of the system. Some, like the guide you're quoting, seem to assume that base CC from each foci is additive; so (Foci1 CC + Foci2 CC) x CCM. Others say it's additive BUT subject to the 0.6 dual-wield modifier; so [(Foci1 CC + Foci2 CC) x 0.6] x CCM. I've also seen theories that the two foci crit independently, and some variations of this.
Memory's fairly rusty though, so I'd suggest looking around for some initial clues. Then I'd suggest experimenting with your gear until you find a setup where it *feels* like CC is consistent enough to approximate 95%. This largely seems to be what Global players did, going experientially and playing it safe despite the unclear system.

3. To me that reads like an assertion that it acts like a regular CCM affix, being additive instead of multiplicative - ie multiplying base CC instead of final CC. So it wouldn't be [Base CC x (CCM mod1 + CCM mod2)] x Moloch pet CCM, like it was initially assumed by some players, but Base CC x (CCM mod1 + CCM mod2 + Moloch pet CCM).
Although for this too I'd suggest running some tests to verify. I happen to have Steam's affix table in hand, so I tried to look it up out of curiosity but can't seem to find it. If I do I'll be able to comment more confidently on how it reads/*seems* to function.
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Re: Some CC questions...
« Reply #2 on: Jan 31, 2024; 08:16 am »
1. That's 95%. 100% would be a bit unfair.

2. I have probably read all the guides on this subject and everyone has their own theory on this subject. And your words confirm it. Unfortunately, everything is hardcoded.

3. Moloch gives 3 CC per hand, not CCM unless I don't know about something. So Moloch simply works like another mod inserted into a weapon, but instead of 2CC it gives 3CC and is not a global multiplier.

Thanks Bryan.