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Play by Post Story of Hellgate


Greetings Fellow Hellgaters,

I posted an idea of a community Play by Post Story on the forums.
Bryan offered to moderate it for us. And I will be helping to set up the baseline (broad strokes) of the Story/Game. But I will not know the whole story.. as I wish to play too. We will need to know what Rating the story will be allowed to have (ie: PG, R, PG17, AO).

Based on the reaction of Bryan, I have taken it on myself to create the above poll.
If we find that more information is needed to bring people to the table then, I will do what I can to get that information and create another poll.

I have done Play by Post stories before and they are very fun. You can never really guess what way the story will go because it is such a shared experience. My main idea was to set it in the time of the game. But we could move it before or after.. depending on the level of interest and input we get. It is even possible for smaller groups to break off, say a group of Marksmen, a group of Cabbalists and the main group of Templars.

I also have all 3 books and have read over half of them to date. Plus the comics by Dark Horse Comics. And the base game as well. So there is a lot of material to pull from.

I am a gamer with over 34 years of RPG, Computer and Video games experience under my belt. With a large library of Gaming books to pull from. Here are just a few of the D20 books I have to pull from.

* Book of Vile Darkness,

* Book of Erotic Fantasy,

* Book of Exalted Deeds,

* The Dragon Age RPG and Video Guide books for all released video games to date.

* Ravenloft

* Hordes of the Abyss

* Tyrants of the Nine Hells

* Expedition to the DemonWeb Pits

* Drow of the Underdark
And this is just a few of the books I have here in hardcover form. I also have most of the 3rd Edition books in PDF format as well. So I would be able to give ideas for the story to the Moderators. But since I do wish to play as well. I do not wish to run the game.

So please.. Vote and get a character ready. Because if I have my way... the Hellgate opens here very soon!

KelticRaven - BladeMaster

Sign me up.My theme of choice was rather post-apocalyptic to begin with,so this can turn out great.
I'm now trying to get Vampie to join in too,maybe Necro as well if he's up for it.

On the rating allowed,as long as it doesn't get too excessive I guess we're good.PG17 perhaps?
I know that might get in the way of some people's creative process,but some limits are necessary...

I am glad to see your in. :)
I would have guessed R for the Rating, since the game itself is M rating. And based on the blood and horror content. But I do have a question. How are we going to base the characters? Say a character from your single player game with a level limit? Like say Level 13? That is strong enough to beat some of the named monsters but not God-Mode level. What do you think?

Sadly it looks like just you and me are interested in this Bryan.
I had hoped that there would be more. If there are no other votes by this weekend.
I will close the poll.


I'd be up for it, permitting that there is enough to justify trying it. 


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