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Wiki inaccuracies and omissions

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I have encountered some most negative feedback in-game as regards the wiki.While I do recognize the possibility of outdated info,the extent of their disapproval baffled me.
I do take pride in all the community's work towards perfecting the wiki,and I believe the matter is worth addressing.

Therefore,it would be most efficient if this thread could be used in the following manner:
Report any inaccuracies and/or omissions you can spot in the wiki,being as specific as possible.

There is a thread on the matter,but it was used much less specifically and much info has been subject to change since.
I understand there are people who may have difficulties working with the wiki's format to make the needed changes themselves,so this would make for an alternative.

Lastly,a personal request.If any prominent community members encounter the aforementioned feedback in-game,kindly direct said players to this thread.

A response I got mentioned that pictures of costumes are missing.So I compiled all costumes Vamp and I had,in both male and female versions.Link to the .zip below.

Whoever wants to add those,feel free to trim the pictures as seen fit and add them to the wiki.
For reference,the costumes I got down are:

Armored Emerald (+7)
Armored Ocean (+6)
Armored Red (+5)
Armored White (+2)

Crusader Crimson (+7)
Crusader White (+6)
Crusader Blue (+4)
Crusader Ocean (+3)

Majestic Crimson (+7)
Majestic White (+6)

If anyone happens to have others that are still missing from the wiki,kindly post their male and female versions here and they will be added shortly.

I think the wiki is pretty accurate. Yes, there are some missing informations, but the stuff postet in there is accurate as far as i have seen/used it.

Working on the wiki? I am not good with stuff like that...
But i am willing to provide needed informations and pictures. :)

Unfortunately I'm not entirely familiar with the wiki format myself.
I mostly gather info and edit whatever need be,but for anything more polished the old wiki contributors would be more suited :)

It seems that costumes can actually be combined in the cube.
3 of any type/color can be combined,supposedly producing one of the same type as (one of) the ingredients and of random color.

This information is absent from the respective wiki page on costumes,so if someone's willing kindly edit that in :)


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