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This is I'm sure is just down to me doing something stupid and/or wrong so any help would be much appreciated. Sorry it got a bit long.

Is there a list of the minimum files I need to unhell and or then zap before HglModder will work ?

I have no problems running HG:L or applying the revival patch. It's when I try to get anything to run either unhelled, or via Hglzap or using HglModder myself that I cannot get the game to take any notice of my changes or run from the unhelled/zapped files.

All the files unhell fine and I have them all sitting in a spare folder with the idea of adding the ones I want via Hglzap as and when required.

To start with I can edit with HglModder both the gameglobals and the colour, but no matter what I change it has no effect on the game at all. Have followed the info in the elite monster density thread,... no changes (only problem I had was it would not allow me to enter all the digits from the thread 999,999... I can only input 6 characters in total (thus 999999 or 999,99) then tried changing the skill points per level from 5... nothing.

HglModder is saving the file fine as when I re-open it any changes are still there and my changed colorsets.xml do something for others... (cheers to Freekyjason & Berit for helping test some of them)

I don't know if I need to have more files unhelled/zapped to work. Tried the list of files to unhell from Maeyan in the old forums and nothing.

My method of attempting to use unhelled files.... unhell, copy contents of folder to Data and Data common as required, remove empty folder, remove both .dat and .idx, and then run. or with Hglzap... place flies as required in the data and data common and run Hglzap and it comes back with an OK message showing most of the files, but it never finds or mentions colorsets.xml.

Have done loads of fresh installs both of HG:L and my OS Win7 64 (have also tried in XP Sp2, Sp3 and Win7 32) The really strange thing was in XP SP2/3 unhell refused to work. The command prompt window would show and it would run through all the files, but there was no files or folders created anywhere, searched every drive I have just in case. (not too bothered as Win7 fine just mentioning whilst listing problems here)

One other really confusing thing is in the old forums there is mention and screenshots of the stations having no interior lighting when running unhelled, but all the current screenshots I see in stations with modded posters and armour all seem to be fully normally lit.... confused :?

I'll stop before this gets any longer.

Cheers for reading this far and I hope it's something simple I'm missing.

I'm sorry I haven't had the time to play w/ HgModder yet so I can't help you there.
The only confusion I can clear up is the lighting. When running earlier versions of the SP patch the lights were out in the station, up to version .03 I think.

A fix was found and put into the patch at version .03, 1.0(pre) so that's why you are remembering dark stations but seeing lit ones now.

im still not sure about most of the issues you are having, but i have an idea anyways :P

with the modder changing numbers you dont need the , in. so instead of putting in 999,999 its just 999999. if you added in the , it probably wouldnt work there.

some of the other settings i think are hardcoded (cant really be changed) like the 5 points per level, i havent had much luck changing that either, maybe its referenced somewhere else as well? who knows?

when it comes to unhelled files and hglzap, i still cant help there, i have no idea why it wouldnt be working, especially if the revival patch itself is working. anything modded in those files should work too. hopefully someone else can help with that or has a similar issue, and it can be resolved soon

Oaty and freekyjason

Thank you both very much for the help. That clears up the lighting confusion and I can now go back to the elite changes and try again. It really helps knowing that some of the figures cannot be changed, so it's not me messing up all the time.... :D

Edit... Things are improving. With NiteHawks latest Hglzap v0.4 I now have my game recognising the colorsets.xml and I can see my colour changes at last..... :D  :D

thats awesome mate, glad thats working :P


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