Author Topic: CTD on Shulgoth  (Read 1761 times)


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CTD on Shulgoth
« on: Oct 03, 2020; 10:03 pm »
I encountered curios problem, I can play for hours with no issue, but as soon as I reduce Shulgoth's health to ~30-40% game CTD's. (EDIT: it's always around that amount of boss health, never got him lower, and it never CTD-ed when his health was higher)
for 1-2 seconds game freezes and sound loops and then CTD's.

No error message.

Tried running in compatibility mode, disabling/enabling various options (both in compatibility and settings)

Other than that boss, game runs fine, no issues encountered.

Only that boss.

Anyone has any ideas why.

Could it be Memory leak (I do have 16 gigs of RAM, so if it is, it's quite a leak)

System is Win 10 Home.


Found cause.

Seriously I knew this was gona bite me in the behind one day.

My love for playing Japanese VN games was reason. In order to play most of them, PC's locale needs to be set for Japanese (in order for PC to be able to read files in them), so HGL was having issues reading files for same reason (can't play VN if locale is not J, can't play HGL if locale is J, quite funny if you ask me)

Well, I'll leave this info here in case someone else gets same issue.

To Revival team, keep up good work, I'm having a blast playing HGL Revival so far.
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Re: CTD on Shulgoth
« Reply #1 on: Oct 03, 2020; 11:06 pm »
No one has had a similar problem yet.
The behavior of the program you are describing could mean that Shulgoth have damaged one of his skills or states. Revival doesn't interfere with these things (it only changes Shulgoth's drop table), so i'd try to reinstall the whole Hellgate client.