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Forum members may have up to 2 ranks. Every member has a 'forum status' rank that is deemed from their post count.

0 - Nameless
100 - Named
500 - Dark Will
1000 - Eldest
2000 - Great Eye / First

The rank relate to Hellgate lore:

--- Quote from: "RGBforest" ---Minion are those that have killed enough to gain an awareness
Named are those with awareness who killed enough to earn a name
Dark Will are those who killed billions after been Named
Eldest are one rank higher than Dark Will but they are constantly being challanged by Dark Will for position
First aka Great Eye is THE Demon that is created out of Shadow in direct opposition to Light, it is eternal and unforgiving.

Sydonai is one of the Eldest and shulgoth is only a Named.
--- End quote ---
Founding members may set a custom rank via the user control panel.

Note,it appears that Founders can't set a custom rank in the current forum.
If need be,feel free to contact me and request one through a PM.As long as you're a Founder and it's proper I'll see to it :)


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