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Hi all!

I have a rather annoying issue with hellgate 1.2 patch. It's not directly connected with Revival project or SP mod, but I thought i'll post here, couse it seems this is the last outpost of hellgate community :)

After applying patch 1.2 to clean hellgate install, all airstrike skills  became pretty hard to aim because of lack of markers! After patch they just dissapeared. So bassicaly when my 1.2 marksman is using strikes, there is throwing animation with empty hand, nothing flies, and ofc there is no flashing indicator on the floor showing you where actually its going to hit.

Bug is present in 32bit and 64bit .exe and both dx versions dx9/dx10

As it is not a common issue, i think its connected with language version of hellgate I own. It's polish version, sadly without option to choose english as default, but that's not a real problem couse after patch, everything is in english, except few skill descriptions :?

As you can see there is a little mess after patch installation so i assume that lack of strike markers is caused by,maybe some files missplacement?

My question is, if there is a way to track down what went wrong during patch installation, and maybe manually replace/add some files to get a fix?

Keep Positive! :D

Hey mrDreadlock, welcome :)
It is a common issue though, so it's not your language version.
What causes it, I have no idea.

Yeah, I played hellgate for months (always on 1.2, never 1.0) and I didn't even know it had a marker. o.O
I saw it like once though, the game bugged out and it worked, heh.
Not just a problem with yours. BTW I have english ver..
[EDIT] DAMN, lol you just beat me!

Thanks for quick reply :)

I thought it's rare because nobody mentioned it, now i see it's just so common that nobody bother to mention :D

Actually, had not seen this issue.
My Markswoman was throwing the markers and there was the little side piece that fell off (the pin I suppose) plus the marker which is small could be seen and then the follow up marker beacon.
Still there after the Revival patch was in.
Running on Vista, with full graphics.


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