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Does each patch contain the prior patch changes and the new patch changes (minus treausre psgw and luck)?  I'm running 1.0, but don't have the expanded stash or inventory, but am lvling past 50, and the vendors sell uni's.

I'm just wodnering if the stash/inventory went away with 1.0, or if I didn't get a full install.


I've got patch 1.0 and the expanded stash and inventory are working fine here.

Very silly question, but at the bottom of your stash/inventory is there a small yellow bar with a couple of black arrows. If so click that and the stash/inv will scroll. Or click in either and scroll down with your mouse wheel, just to make sure.... :)

My stash has the yellow bar, and it scrolls if I click on it, but the space isn't useable.  My inventory doesn't have the yellow bar.

Not a silly question, and thanks for the response.

Very strange.  :?

I'm definitely not the most experienced in here so someone else might have some better info, but my first idea would be to just back up your save files from My Documents > My Games > hellgate > save and re-install the game. Then copy the saves back across.

Hope this might help... :)

Try running hglzap.cmd again before reinstalling.


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