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Slow load screens and vendors


Hello all I am new to the forums.

Great site I was happy to see someone doing this I enjoy this game alot.

Title says it all I downloaded the Revival Patch and also Norak's Revival patch installer I guess they are one in the same?

I was reading about on the forums about playing the game "unhelled" so this go smoother.
I just need to know what to do to get the game loads back to normal. I am not good with computer programing so a step by step is needed I have read some post on it but I don't understand some of it.

Would I have to just unistall Hellgate and start over?

Thanks for you time.

SO with my installer you would just have had to double click on the installer and it would have done everything for you..
Unless you downloaded an old version (not of my installer, but of the patch files itself, which is not needed with my installer) or something, (one with UNHELL rather than Nitehawk's HGL ZAP) then the slower loading screens and vendors are something you can't fix.
Though if you want to "just in case" then:
1.Uninstall hellgate, entirely, all files and  registries (if you don't know how don't worry, just uninstall)
2.Re-install hellgate, but use advanced install, don't have to change anything you don't want to, it just seemed to help some people by using that install instead.
3.Run the game.
4.Install patch 1.2
5.Run the game again. Yes you must!
6.Run my installer.
7.Have fun!
8.Tell us what you think.
Number 7 is optional.  :P

Thanks for the info.

Looks like I downloaded revival v0.3 from the Flagship forums.
So your patch is the same as the revival 1.0? ( or whatever the version # is) hehe

Going to un install and start all over.

Yeah a small, yet annoying, glitch in the program I used to make it, spent time fixing it, but then I saw this:
Now I don't have to!  :lol:


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