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Two passionate players, Justin & Steve, are bringing the 90's Collectible Card Game Doomtrooper back in digital form. Justin is a former employee at Obsidian Entertainment and has worked on titles like Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol.

The game is set in the Mutant Chronicles universe where Earth has been abandoned, demonic aliens are threatening the solar system and several megacorporations are struggling with each other for power.

Working with original designer Bryan Winter the rules have been restructured and modernized while staying true to the original game.

The Kickstarter was funded in just 36 hours and stretch goals like Crafting and Quests have been unlocked. Next up is Practice mode at 30 000$.

End date for this project is October 25, at 5:01 PM CEST.


Kickstarter Launch Stream:

Kickstarter Update 12:

 - New video with designer Bryan Winter explaining the history of the Doomtrooper CCG and how the rules were reworked for this digital version.

 - New stretch goal for 35 000$: Another faction for the Dark Legion, first Apostle Ilian!

Kickstarter Update 13:

- 1500$ away from unlocking singleplayer Practice mode!

- Screenshots for deckbuilding and new card art!

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