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Hello, I'm EeVeE133
« on: Aug 28, 2017; 03:05 pm »
Hello Revival

I might be in the wrong place, but is this an online Hellgate London server? Or a community for the game on the normal servers?

If it is a full server, do I need any patches to play?

I'm basically a diablo 2 god looking to play hellgate, but I fear single player will bore me (just like diablo's single player is boring), so would rather go full online,  see the end game a lot quicker,  trading, more indepeth chats ect....

Also wondering what activity is like, more than 100 people? Any time zones have better player activity?

And what happens if you die? I can't remember,  do you load up from a save point? Do you respawn naked and try find your body?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


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Re: Hello, I'm EeVeE133
« Reply #1 on: Aug 28, 2017; 08:18 pm »
Hello Revival

Do you respawn naked and try find your body?

Looking forwards to seeing EeVeeE naked...

(just kidding - i HATE online gaming!!!)


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Re: Hello, I'm EeVeE133
« Reply #2 on: Aug 28, 2017; 08:20 pm »
Heya, welcome :)

Hellgateaus has been a community dedicated to the SP portion of the game, producing various mods for it over the years, including the Revival series.
If you're looking for an online server, look no further than the London 2038 project :)
Do note, it's currently in a closed phase, but will be transitioning to an open phase after this final wave.

Activity currently flactuates massively; there are more than 1000 tester accounts, but many testers have been active since the beginning of the year, so many may be idle depending on the waves and the bugfixes they coincide with.
The project's Discord server and facebook group should be very informative on that front.

As for the game's handling of deaths, SP provides players who die in combat zones with 2 options; either restart at the last station (and possibly use a PRD item to return to the zone, if it was set up beforehand), or revive as a ghost in the zone, look for their headstone (placed where they died), and revive with half health once they approach it.
2038's MP version also offers a Hardcore mode, however, where death is permanent. Not unlike Diablo ;)
"Dream big and crash often"

List of Global class guides.
The above guides may be obsolete for vanilla SP, but they may still hold true for the 2018 Steam version.


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Re: Hello, I'm EeVeE133
« Reply #3 on: Aug 28, 2017; 11:18 pm »
Thanks for the info, will be trying out the 2038, (only 21 years left....)


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Re: Hello, I'm EeVeE133
« Reply #4 on: Sep 09, 2017; 03:01 am »
Is it time for Dick Pics  :-\

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