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« on: Jul 01, 2018; 08:47 pm »

How I can beat this guy? Everytime when he is low on hp he summons servants and before i kill'em they heal him to full hp. I play engineer, drone and bot focused.


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Re: Moloch
« Reply #1 on: Jul 01, 2018; 10:31 pm »

How I can beat this guy? Everytime when he is low on hp he summons servants and before i kill'em they heal him to full hp. I play engineer, drone and bot focused.

It depends on how he spawns.

I found a version of him that had some 4 stand around healers who healed him faster than I could twat him one.

I tried to target them and got twatted myself...

So i quit the game and reloaded, went back there, and he spawned without any healers - still not an easy fight but he was definitely twattable then.

If you have the tough-bitch spawn of him, try that quit-reload thing.  (I got lucky that time, I've seen him respawn as an untwattable god a few times!)
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Re: Moloch
« Reply #2 on: Jul 02, 2018; 08:03 am »

One important thing - whether you have any current damage against Molly, number of her healers are allways limited. So, only patience can lead to victory.


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Re: Moloch
« Reply #3 on: Jul 03, 2018; 05:27 am »
it's much harder to kill Molly early in the game.

get's easier when you're lv 23 and can equip Agitator(for hunter of course)
or Dunbar's at lv 24 in combination with napalm, smackdown and shock&awe +phase grenade
Ignite & on-hit mods greatly help.
You can also try it with hunter weapons that has "multishot" skill that could be equipped before lv 30.

For Evoker it gets a bit easier when you can use the skill 'Tempest' in decent frequency (also around lv 23-25ish)

For Blademaster, it heavily depends on the armor defense, because BM usually does enough damage but not enough armor to kill Molly without dying every 30 seconds in early game confrontation

For Gurdian it depends on damage level of the weaon. Almost exact opposite of BM.

For Summy, a pair of Techsmith's  Noxious Effluviaors with on-hit mods in combination with 4-5 force elementals would probably give you the best chance of killing Molly in early game out of all characters, since TNE could be equipped very early.  When fully nano'ed, and with mods accordingly updated, TNE could be used as an end-game option as well.  I suggest farming for them (you need a pair, and preferably with 3 fuel slots, not 2) from 'mind of 314,' or check out vendors at Liverpool Street Station in normal difficulty, not nightmare. There's one in the station itself, and another one is in the Finsbury Square.

all in all, I'd suggest just ignore Molly until you're lv 30ish unless the character meets one of the above conditions.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Moloch
« Reply #4 on: Jul 07, 2018; 05:33 pm »
Ok, here is my Moloch strategy, which also works for characters under 20.  First off, you need to have an area of effect damage skill.  This is a must, and I will explain why:

When Moloch summons his healers, they immediately start healing his damage.  That's all they do as long as he is not at full health.  If he is at full health, they heal each other.

So, the idea is to keep damaging Moloch while you pick off the healers one by one.  If you have a class that does not have a damage over time skill, like a guardian, you have to do enough damage to Moloch that it gives you a chance to start banging away on a priest.  Keep an eye on Moloch's health, because you never want to let it return to full strength unless there is only one priest left to kill.

The healers are usually summoned roughly twice, but not all of them appear at the same time, there might be a minute or two before all of them show up.

Using an area of effect damage skill is a bonus because not only are you hurting Moloch, but doing damage to the priests as well.

Very low level characters will still have a hard time, because of Moloch's damage output, but so far, I have been able to beat him with guardian, evoker and marksman right around the 17-18 level range using this strategy.

tldr: Always keep Molly at less than full health.  Beat on a priest until Molly is almost all healed, then switch back to damage Molly some more, go back to beating on priest till it's dead.  Rinse and repeat.
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Re: Moloch
« Reply #5 on: Jul 08, 2018; 06:27 am »
That's normally how I do it, but sometimes NO monster takes damage from an area effect as the game seems not to see the monsters in that area. I have had this happen so much with the Marksman with all of the AoF spells.

EG: Group of monsters, I am just out of their (and sometime my) shooting range, and lob a AoF into them... NO DAMAGE AT ALL!

Damn the game is so good but can be frustrating as shit!