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Posting guidelines
« on: Aug 15, 2009; 02:30 am »
I know I said I would do this about a week ago, but some very odd things came up in RL.  On any event just think of the rules as guidlines and not actual rules.

  The "Talk" thread/board(whatever you wish to call it) is rated M for mature audiences meaning 17+.  The only few things we ask is that you do not post porn sites, and that you keep swearing to a minimum(by this we really only mean the most severe like f**k...and depending on the situation we will probably be very lenient on it), as well as not lashing out at anothers race, or religion.  You enter the talk thread at your own risk, in other words if you are a parent and you do not wish your child seeing things that would otherwise make them scarred for life please leave.

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