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Set items
« on: Nov 15, 2021; 12:54 am »
Hey guts
I want to know, is there any mod with set item?
I mean, old global was Red quality, I really want this nostalgic version of the global, I am playing 2038 but I really want to remember the old time, anybody can please answer me? I'll be grateful to know if there's any mod with this quality.

*Steam version do not have it :(


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Re: Set items
« Reply #1 on: Nov 15, 2021; 03:00 pm »
Hello, welcome :)
*Steam version do not have it :(
It's absolutely baffling to me how they couldn't even enable their own drops...

That said, I'm afraid I don't know if any mod has properly enabled them. I recall seeing save files that do have them though, so you might start there.
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