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Xfire Active Group
« on: Nov 03, 2010; 11:15 pm »
I have yet to find a single xfire group solely active nearly everyweek playing hellgate london. Most i seen that did just chill online and don't play but play other games. So I am setting out to try to establish. A very active hellgate london group I invite all who are actively playing hellgate london Sp or Mp in korea. Rather then just seeing their name in the group and playing other games most of the time. This is a true attempt for a centrialised community xfire based group for HGL.

The point is to keep an active community not just generalised to one side or aspect of hellgate london. It would be nice to see videos and screens up everyweek then every 10 weeks. It would be nice to see forums used and active players making friendships with other active players through such a group has this then clan centric and only focused on one thing or stuff.

If anyone wants to join me in this endevour come on down. spread the word to your friends.