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Re: Design Your Own Unique Item
« Reply #180 on: Oct 07, 2010; 03:25 am »
Quote from: "Leitner"
That looks like a fairly awesome weapon there malachor. If I might suggest I think a small amount of splash damage such as the convulsor or voodoo has would be cool.

Far be it from me to dictate your item though. So do whatever you like.

As for item I think 25-35 range would be a nice filler. Or lvl 40-45 where unique snipers are rare
Thanks. I had actually thought of including some splash damage, but decided against it because it went against my idea of a precise weapon.
I might go with item level 40-45. I like the idea of having items spread out over a range of levels, so you're not getting 2 items at the same level range, uniques especially.

Ok, I've updated the rifle with that change, and a new affix.


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Re: Design Your Own Unique Item
« Reply #181 on: Oct 13, 2010; 03:54 pm »
Ah o.k , My turn my turn...

Drai's Dichotomy (Unique sword (Flame Column))
"From the depths of my soul , upon the gates of Hell I vomit forth this cry. 'Why can't we be friends, why can't we be frieeends' ".

Damage:  6- 13 physical (direct)
             6-13 Fire   (Direct)    
             6-13 Spectral (Direct)
             1-3 Physical (splash) / 4m
             1-3 Fire (splash) /4m
             1-3 Spectral (splash) /4m

Critical Chance: +1% (inherent)
Shield Overload: 150%
Stun Strength : 75
Ignite Strength : 75
Phase Strength : 75
Mind Control Strength: 150

Mod Slots 1-3 Fuel , 1-2 Relic (max 4)
50% Shield Penetration
+25% splash Radius
Sword Typhoon 3
Sprint 1
Faster attack rate

Cost: 45 Will, 10 Acc
Normal attack rate
BM to do list]

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Re: Design Your Own Unique Item
« Reply #182 on: Nov 07, 2010; 02:48 pm »
Things you must specify:
Item Name: Norak's Ethereal Reaper
Base Item: F-S 'Loki' SNPR
Item Quality: Unique
Item Level: 20
Item Flavor Text: "Hey there, muscly arms.."
Damage Type/s: Toxic Direct/Spectral Splash
Maximum of 6 Affixes:
+25% range
+50% splash

I am thinking high damage, long range, take-em-all out sorta thing. I love snipers in all games, except Hellgate. In every game they are the weakest guns (in terms of uses) but they are the most fun/skillful. In Hellgate they felt so much of a...burden.

I seek to change this. :)
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